Next Level of Operating

In brief : The Holy Spirit led me to your ministry about two weeks ago. I began watching the YouTube channel and signed up to be your partner and also ordered some of the treasures you have been given to teach us. WOW! I grew up in the ‘word of faith’ camp and know Gods word well, but your work is the next level of operating skillfully in The Kingdom and In The Spirit. Thank you to everyone who is helping you do what The Lord has anointed you with.  I am in awe…the teaching on Leviathan from the partner mentoring and the Fire soak from Serpent & the Soul all. The past days as I bike in my area I have seen dead snakes wounded on the road by what looks to be claw marks from a bird of prey.  Some are run over by a car.  I see 2 or 3 a day; just glaringly obvious . Hahahahaha Amazing. I’ve biked my neighborhood for 5 years and have never seen this, ever!!!! Most of all, today as I finished listening again to the Leviathan teaching and prayer, I literally feel different (like the woman with the issue of blood knew she was healed.) I am free!  Just wanted to tell Ya !!!!! I count it an honor to have you as new faith family friends . Thank you Katie & team.

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