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New Levels!!!

I am a new partner and was introduced to Katie Souza’s ministry about a month ago. I was very grateful for direct instruction. I work in education, so making content accessible for people to apply the learning is a huge thing I look for in ministry. Katie Souza is an amazing teacher.

I was listening to the recorded live mentor session this month because I could not make it live. I also read about the 40 days fast and wanted to participate. Unfortunately, I had no idea about the concept of ascending. Even still, I decided to start. I am on day four of the fast. I looked up a video on ascending today (on day four, today) to try and learn about it. After l finished listening to part one of her sermon series (just now), I learned that I have been ascending and didn’t even know it!!!!!!!!! I am so excited and grateful. It literally happened the first night of the 40 days fast, but I didn’t understand what was happening. I also realized that I was having encounters during the soaking, but did not know what was happening.

Katie Souza has opened up a whole new level of revelation to me and I cannot wait to learn more and go deeper. I did not know what soaking was either and just started learning about it from this ministry.

Thank you Katie Souza Ministries!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Free from Prescriptions!!!

My mother worked in a pharmacy when I was a child she would give me a pill to get me up and get me down I was addicted from that minute on throughout my life to drugs alcohol pills I lived on the streets for over 25 years was a heroin addict , you name it stealing, driving, sleeping without God I forgot the count but God‘s bringing me up and I’m putting the blood of Jesus on all of it and they do in the most power of the Holy Spirit that lives with inside. By using the Bent soaking CDs and the glory light of Jesus heal your soul and miracles in the night cd soaking in my faith for months I have been in the presence of God I got freedom he put me into a deep sleep last tonight and delivered me from all 19 prescriptions hallelujah praise the Lord Jesus set me FREE Thank you 🥰♥️💯🕊




Supernatural Weight Loss

I watched Katie Souza’s teaching regarding weight issues. I too was in bondage to food at the time. In her video she led the audience into a prayer of repentance and prayed for us to supernaturally lose weight. I joined in with her the prayer of repentance and made a commitment in my heart to live healthy and look after myself. I have supernatural lost 30 kg in a year ! To God be the glory for His mercy and goodness. The Lord truly surprised me and honored me unexpectedly. Thank you Jesus ♡♡♡♡




I have been serving the Lord 40 years, it has been a very humble experience, when I try to exalt myself, the Lord humbles me again, and you know, God Gives Grace to the Humble. Walking humbly before the Lord and waking by Faith, the Miracles that God has given me are just beautiful, I have been to 47 states and lived in many by Faith, and I have been to 9 countries some of them 2 or 5 times I have visited. I have met some really interesting people in my travels, I cannot wait to meet Jesus face to face. I Love the Lord,



Freedom from violent thoughts!

Hello Everyone, I have been watching Katie Souza’s deliverance video about Leviathan, and my life has never been same ever since there’s this marine spirit that used to attack me through my left leg and violent thoughts, I get delivered every time I listen to the video, it’s very powerful. AMEN 🙏🏾, Thank you for allowing GOD to use you so mightily.



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