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Started Something Only God Can Help Me Finish

I lived a life much like Katie describes in The Key to your Expected End. Cooked and sold drugs for many years. A year ago I was convicted of distribution and trafficking. On March 20th 2019 I got picked up for Probation Violation. My P.O. had all rights to send me to prison for 5 years and my wife for 10.  Five days before court, I knew copy of Katie’s Captivity Series (untouched and unclaimed) was sitting in the day room. I picked it up and started reading…I mean REALLY reading it. It changed my life! By the grace of God, I only got a 90 revocation from my probation. I have been out now for  two weeks, my wife for three.  We are both working and our family has taken us back into their graces.  A place to live is kind of an issue but we are camping in the state parks for now, which is Good.  My wife and I enjoy camping and it is giving us time to reconnect with each other. God has changed so much about me in the last four months. I was a club riding, drug dealing, biker… much like Katie has so many stories of envolment. The anger is gone, the desire for drugs and drinking is gone, and I’ve even given up my bikes.  I am currently taking some ministry courses online now to tell my story and minister to troubled youth and groups to hopefully prevent others from needing a prison ministry such as Katie’s to reach them. I dont know where I’d be right now if it wasnt for reading her book, but it helped me start something that only God can help me finish. He has already done so much for me the last three weeks I can’t even begin to write it all here. GOD BLESS YOU, THROUGH YOU GOD CHANGED MY WHOLE LIFE THAT DAY I WILL NEVER FORGET APRIL 5 2019. -A.M

Miracles While You Sleep

I’ve had such a wonderful experience with madam Katie’s teaching Miracles While You Sleep. This YouTube video was published on Sept 16 2016. And I watched it this year 2019. I had a genital problem (pain) which was required an operation according to the surgeon I spoke to. He told me to come the next day for the operation. But my parents wanted me to get a second opinion in another city, which the surgeon commented on as “risking my future in starting a family” and that it needed to be done very soon, i.e the next day. On the day, I didn’t go to that operation in faith.  I watched this teaching and on the night of the operation day.  I put Psalm 31 on repeat on Audio Bible because that was the word (seed) the Lord gave me to scatter. And In the dream I killed this man who wanted to tamper with the same affected part of my body. Glory to the most high. On another later occasion, I put another word given to me on repeat as Katie taught. It was Ephesians chapter 3, and in the dream for this one, I beat up a girl who also had something do with the affected part of my genitals… Now I even forgot about it because I think it is safe to say that the pain is completely gone!!! The word is everything to us, Amen – E.K.

Bad Smell Gone Forever!

On 14 June 2019 I watched Katie Souza preaching on Channel 341 on DSTV (South Africa). She talked about how sometimes physical illnesses result from spiritual wounds in our souls. She led the audience into prayer.  I repented that the Lord forgive me for any grievous or hurting words that I talked about anyone or a Man or Woman of God that could have resulted in my having a smelly mouth. I prayed along with Katie.

The following morning, I woke up and smelled my mouth by breathing into my hand and the smell was gone. I couldn’t believe it! l breathed again and again into my hand with disbelief and the smell was gone.

God has healed me of my spiritual wounds in my soul and the bad smell is gone forever. I give glory unto the Lord Almighty in Jesus Christ’s Name Amen.

I pray that the Lord will continue to use Katie to preach and may God bless her and her family. -P.Z.

Provision and Transition

I watched your video from 2015 Releasing The 1000 fold Blessing. Katie is talking about the number 11 seeing it everywhere. The Lord kept bringing the numbers 2 and 11 before me beginning the summer of 2016. To this day I and my family members are still seeing or hearing these numbers.
My husband of 27 plus years was on his last days suffering with cancer. These numbers were so evident in front of me I knew it had to be God speaking. I kept asking Him to tell me what He was trying to get me to understand.
I had taken a course by John Paul Jackson on dream interpretation so I went back to my workbook and found that 2 is provision and 11 is transition. I thought I understood and did not want to speak it out so I didn’t mention it except to my closest friends. My husband passed away on 11-2 at 11:22 PM. I transported his body out of state so his funeral was held on the only day available. On 11-11 at 11 AM. It happened to be on Veteran’s Day. Twenty years prior he had picked out his own coffin. It was a Veterans military coffin.
I have continued to see these numbers so much and lots of times in triple. When I see them my response is “well, of course. Thank you Lord, for provision and transition.” Many many transitions happening now in my world. The Lord continues to make provision but I am waiting for the 1000 fold to manifest. For such a time as this.
Thank you ,
Marjorie Sciortino

Snake Dreams

Hello! I’m sharing this story with my sister’s permission. It’s very interesting how I found you, Katie. You see, my sister has been living in sin, as well all have before. She recently has started searching God, and has been having dreams of snakes that was in her that she’s been trying to get out. She just told me that she’s been having these dreams for as long as she can remember, but they never hurt her till the dream she had a month ago. On this night, she dreamt that a black snake was coming out of her right forarm so she grabbed this snake with her left hand, pulled it out some, reached with her right hand and held it so she can go back to pull more out. Before she could get a second pull on it, it reached down and bit her on the forarm of her left arm and she saw poison going into her veins. It woke her up. There was pain in her arm, but no marks. That morning she called a friend, Fawn, who happens to be a children’s pastor and loves the Lord dearly, to invite her out for lunch. Fawn was busy at home and invited my sister, Bobbi, over. Bobbi went over and share her dream with her. Fawn, with excitement, shared with Bobbi how she couldn’t sleep that night, so she went and laid down on the couch and turned on YouTube on her t.v. She had turned on a Patricia King video and fell asleep. When she woke up, you were on talking about serpents. So, Fawn pulled up the same video to show Bobbi. They did the prayer with you, Katie. Since then, Bobbi, Fawn, and I have been watching you and learning A LOT! I myself have had a few snake dreams since this time. We’re so excited about what we’re learning. Bobbi is now in your partner mentoring courses and involve with your many fb pages. She has so much more to share, but we’ll leave it at this for now. We’re coming to see you in Olathe, KS and hoping to get to meet you. Thank you for practicing Matthew 10:27, “What I tell you in the dark, speak in the light; what is whipsered in your ear, proclaim from the housetops.” …Love, Sarah Conner

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