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Vision Related Headaches Healed!

I was healed!
Within the last 3 months I was was getting some vision related headaches that only recently started happening.
Even just trying to focus on something right in front of me was starting to cause headaches, like using my cell phone or watching tv, and there was nothing much the eye doctor could do. They did prescribe glasses, but they did not help much. As for the poor color vision, which I had; even the Mayo Clinic website indicates ‘No treatment’.. But there is with God. I remembered reading about Jesus healing the blind man.. He healed the blind man, why not me! I asked God to help me, and open my eyes, let me see. .
A day or so after the yearly appointment, God starting working on my vision, and it became incredibly distorted, [It was temporary, even though just a few days earlier, it was at 20/20. I could not read a large sign with 3 inch lettering almost literally in front of me. I would highly recommend going to an eye doctor ASAP!] God has completely restored my vision to normal, no more color vision problems, and with NO headaches. My vision is now better than it has been in years! That’s my Jesus! -D.

That Nasty Thing Left!

About 2 1/2 years ago I started eating mostly a vegan diet and lost quite a bit of weight. I still have more to lose, but I was enjoying the fact that junk food did not have the hold on me it used to. Then last Thanksgiving I decided to join in with the family and celebrate the holidays by having all kinds of baked yummies in the house. It must have opened up some door, because by May of this year, I was out of control. I knew something was wrong. I would ask myself what on earth was wrong with me. The Lord led me to your book, Healing the Wounded Soul – the chapter about overeating. I read the chapter repentantly, prayed the prayers of affirmation, took the communion and that nasty thing left! It has been no struggle at all to go back to healthy eating. Thank you so much for your teaching. I will continue to pray the prayer and take communion every day for a total of 40 days. I am on day 10 as I write this. My own personal saying: Freedom from bondage is like heaven in your soul. It is for freedom that Christ has set us free! Praise His Holy Name! – A.I.

Nothing Shall Hurt You

I have been watching Katie Souza’s Episode series for a while. I have been listening Ep 40 and 41 over and over again. They are dealing With Leviathan, Serpent and Scorpion.

On May 20, I got stung by a wasp. I have a history of severe allergies issues that may stop my heart. When I got stung by a hornet last time ages ago, it almost killed me. At that time, I was told it would get worse as I got older. My son drove me to an emergency room as my doctor recommended before. My hands swelled little but not much. I am supposed to administer EpiPen as soon as I get Stung by bees, hornets, yellow jackets and wasps. I stopped buying EpiPen because it cost me around $200 with my insurance. So I did put used EpiPen.

After a doctor examined, he told me he is not going to give me any shots or medication from hospital but recommend to take over the counter allergy medication for three days just in case and contact the 911 if things get worse.

My surprise was this; I did not get any effect as I expected. I thought it might be a good luck, might be the result of my supplement, then I started to wonder; this must be the result of the Lord. In bible, Jesus spoke “Behold, I have given you authority to tread on serpents and scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy, and nothing shall hurt you. – Luke 10:19″

I am so blessed.

Taka Yoneda

Locked Up in My Mind; Set Free because of a Prison

Katie recently came to Columbia MS to a prison where I’m employed. I heard her testimony and life events though the struggles and mistakes that she made. I could only watch as I was at work. I really felt moved in my soul because I was a severely damaged child that grew up in a highly abusive atmosphere. I was exposed to the underworld that the devil thrives in. Most things I was put through I really don’t want to type. I spent my whole life filling a bottomless pit with self-pity, medications, anger and most of all a longing for death. I bounced from job to job in and out of marriages, and would purposely hurt anyone who tried to care for me. I was fighting with generational curses, demons, and my flesh and never had a clue. I did not believe in God and certainly didn’t believe in prayer. Long story short, I began working in jails and prisons and felt at home. Pretty much like I belonged there. I was doing hard time in the stronghold the devil had in my mind so the job just seem to fit. One day I had to receive some parent counseling (court ordered) so I came to work taking about how expensive it was. The Warden of my prison is also a Pastor. He said he would counsel me for free if I would sit in on a bible study. I did and that night Jesus came into my life and I submitted myself to Christ. I now know God let me fight the battles I fought so I could understand and help the inmates and offenders that I now guard. It’s weird, but I relate to Katie because I was locked up my whole life in mind and set free because of a prison. I have a huge story and wish I could tell it but I have to end this here. She just made me want to share so much testimony. She signed and gave me a book and it was a very nice gesture. Thanks for your time. Capt. J. May

Next Level of Operating

In brief : The Holy Spirit led me to your ministry about two weeks ago. I began watching the YouTube channel and signed up to be your partner and also ordered some of the treasures you have been given to teach us. WOW! I grew up in the ‘word of faith’ camp and know Gods word well, but your work is the next level of operating skillfully in The Kingdom and In The Spirit. Thank you to everyone who is helping you do what The Lord has anointed you with.  I am in awe…the teaching on Leviathan from the partner mentoring and the Fire soak from Serpent & the Soul all. The past days as I bike in my area I have seen dead snakes wounded on the road by what looks to be claw marks from a bird of prey.  Some are run over by a car.  I see 2 or 3 a day; just glaringly obvious . Hahahahaha Amazing. I’ve biked my neighborhood for 5 years and have never seen this, ever!!!! Most of all, today as I finished listening again to the Leviathan teaching and prayer, I literally feel different (like the woman with the issue of blood knew she was healed.) I am free!  Just wanted to tell Ya !!!!! I count it an honor to have you as new faith family friends . Thank you Katie & team.

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