We pray you find these testimonials uplifting and encouraging. May the Lord use them to build you up and increase you in faith for your own miracle healing and victory! There is nothing more powerful than a miracle healing testimony! The bible encourages us to declare how much God has done for us (Luke 8:39) Sharing your own story with others helps build up their faith and is a great encouragement to all. We want to rejoice with you in what God is doing in your life. Click here to visit our testify page and share your story of God’s mighty wonders!


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Eyes Cleared Completely

I thank God for this ministry and for what He is doing through it. My daughter was born late June and recently we noticed her eyes are yellow (she had jaundice two days after birth and was put under photo-therapy). It had cleared but seemed to be coming back. I took her for a check-up and tests revealed abnormalities in her liver and a suspected condition: Biliary atresia which requires immediate surgery. She wasn’t exhibiting the symptoms though tests were suggesting the same. We needed to do a costly scan to rule this out. I felt led to listen to healing testimonies and came across a video on Youtube from this ministry about God healing kids. I prayed, believed and felt my hands tremble as I laid my hands on her. Her eyes began to clear completely. God provided the money for us to do the scan which ruled out the condition. I am grateful for the various ministries including this one because God strengthened me during that long week. Blessings!!!!!- L.M

Spine Healed

At the Heaven Touching Earth conference in Moravian Falls, God told me, “Today is the day you get your spine healed.” Katie Souza preached the evening session. The first thing she did was get our souls healed of trauma. The first group of people she called out for healing were people with curvature of the spine. I had scoliosis and some arthritis in my back, the right side of my pelvis set forward and rotated inward, my cervical spine had no curve at all, and my right shoulder had begun to pull forward. After Katie prayed, my shoulders and hips are level, I can turn my head to look over my shoulder which I could not do before, and my spine is straight. What a mighty, awesome, powerful God we have! He showed me such love and grace!- K.L.

No Remorse or Guilt

PRAISE JESUS!!!! Victory in Trials, my first listen, HALLELUJAH!!!! VICTORY!!! VICTORY!!!!
I have been plagued by uncontrollable impulses, literally loss of focus, concentration, brain/mind freeze (could not call out or on Jesus for help). Sin would easily beset me constantly!!!! At work, I was constantly attacked by Satan and his forces because he had legal rights. BUT… NO MORE!!!! HALLELUJAH!!!! PRAISE THE LORD!!!! THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!
VICTORY!!!VICTORY!!!! No mind/brain freeze, no loss of focus, and no loss of concentration. Stayed with my mind on Jesus for a FULL 8 HOURS at work!!!! No sin easily besetting me, no shame, remorse or guilt. PRAISE the LORD!!! I started listening to this ministry last year wanting very much to receive deliverance, I learned so much about being among the tombs, satan using food, night soaks, how our souls being wounded, and how much we need to be healed. It’s all been a blessing (though there were low times when nothing seemed to be happening). Also, taking of Communion, WOW THAT REALLY STARTED TURNING THINGS AROUND FOR ME!!! I just love this ministry. I HAVE RECEIVED MY FIRST DELIVERANCE AND I AM BELIEVING HEAVEN FOR MORE!!!! GOD BLESS YOU KATIE SOUZA MINISTRIES, YOU ARE THE REAL DEAL!!!!- A.S.

Growth Completely Disappeared!

My 16-year-old daughter had a growth/discoloration on the side of her torso just below her armpit. It continued to grow bigger and we were getting very concerned as it can be very dangerous for any type of skin lesion to continue to get bigger and discolored etc. A few days ago the Lord told Her to start soaking to Katie’s soaking worship that we downloaded off of iTunes. The Lord told her if she did this, he was going to start doing signs and wonders in her life, more than she had ever seen before, and a few other personal promises to her. Last night was her first night soaking to Katie’s soaking worship and when she woke up this morning the growth was completely gone!! She was not even thinking of the enlarging discolored growth on her body when she was soaking! She is excited to continue to do this as she knows this testimony is just getting started! We actually have before and after pictures where the growth was and now where it has completely disappeared!-H.D.

I Did Not Lose My Cool

Good day.

I have listened to most if your episodes. I especially believe in the offense part. I have been so offended that I believe I need to be “peeled like an onion.”

I have sinusitis due to my allergies.  I knew it would take time for me to be delivered and I wanted to make sure whether my sinus condition is linked to my allergies or because of my constant taking offense.

I never received instant healing like those people that were on your show. As I mentioned I never expected any reaction immediately because of me always being offended. I believe I’m still in process for more change. Positively. Financially.

I have seen such a lot of things change in my life, especially the fact that I’m not as bothered as before. I tend to think before answering which is something I have never done before, I simply spoke my mind.  To me, this is major!  Recently I was in a conflict situation and was so surprised that I did not loose my cool.

Thanks,  Katie for being obedient to God and showing me how to do the same.  I now believe that I did have offense. -V.K.

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