We pray you find these testimonials uplifting and encouraging. May the Lord use them to build you up and increase you in faith for your own miracle healing and victory! There is nothing more powerful than a miracle healing testimony! The bible encourages us to declare how much God has done for us (Luke 8:39) Sharing your own story with others helps build up their faith and is a great encouragement to all. We want to rejoice with you in what God is doing in your life. Click here to visit our testify page and share your story of God’s mighty wonders!


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I’ve noticed such a positive change…

I heard about Katie via Doug Addison’s September webcast. I re-listened to it about 6 times to extract everything from it. I began praying quietly under my breath for my husband each night by covering his sin and wounds caused by others sin and releasing dunamis power to heal him. I’ve noticed such a positive change in mindset in him. Yesterday I started specifically praying for his mind in the same way and decreeing 2 Tim 1:7 due to some dizziness and forgetfulness… I get up this morning to be greeted by my husband’s smiling face, saying he had remembered 2 dreams and recorded them onto his computer. Remembering any dreams is rare for him.
I’m also praying for others and hearing of positive changes. This way of praying has definitely added another tool into my tool belt. Thanks Katie for your love of God’s word and sharing freely what you have learned. It is making an impact here in Australia. – J.L.


Will ever be grateful to God for your teaching…

My husband and I were separated and on the brink of divorce. We had many painful issues unresolved for years. I had begun attending a Bible study in September that was using Katie’s book, “Healing the Wounded Soul”. One night while praying, I heard the Holy Spirit tell me to attend a Love After Marriage Conference and a Katie Souza meeting before filing for divorce. My husband and I soon found the LAM conference and went. Shortly afterward, I looked on the internet and found that Katie Souza was speaking in the next state, (Washington). We encountered so many obstacles that we almost did not make it to either event, but by the grace of God, we went to both.
At the meeting in Seattle, I was asked to come forward to check spines because I was a nurse. This was embarrassing and surprised me as we had come to heal our marriage. As we left the meeting that night, I saw another nurse at the back of the church who had been up front with me. We stopped and asked her to pray for us. The power of God was so present in that meeting, I don’t think we knew what was happening. Two weeks after that meeting, our marriage completely changed! We bought the Legion soaking and Offense CD’s. We are together and praying about soul healing and deliverance every day. God spoke to both of us and we are walking in repentance and grace. We are sharing the great miracle of God by testimony and buying Katie’s books and CD’s for all our friends and people God keeps bringing in our lives! So very thankful that it’s never too late for God to work in our lives. We are 60. I was the 40 year nurse who came forward to pray for spines. Thank you Katie, we love you and will ever be grateful to God for your teaching. – J.S.

Thankful for the Miracles!

Dear Expected End Ministries,

Thank you so very much for praying for our family friend, Michael. He has not been well, at all for 2 years and the Doctors thought that his illness was Legionnaires, disease, (from not using gardening gloves, from store-bought garden soil), or using a protective breathing mask.

He has been in the hospital for a long time, and the doctors did a huge amount of tests, and then found it was a fungus on his brain. So after a good while, and a lot of prayers, the fungus started to shrink, and eventually the doctors couldn’t find it! (Thank you, God!). Then it left a hole in Michael’s brain, and thank God, now, he is home and the doctors are saying that “It’s a miracle” when they normally check the fungus on a brain, it’s from a deceased person, who had been through this condition!.

Micheal is at home, with his wife and now is using a wheelie walker, and it so happy to be home, and they are so, (and their family), thankful for your prayers and what God has done.

Also, God came through for a simple home, for me, (my first), and it also has a water well, a fully grown apple tree, is close to the beach and it was very much in my price range, (because I didn’t want to over commit myself, with a mortgage). We will do some basic cosmetic renovation and thank you, God! This will also help me on the path to financial independence so that I can also take care of my parents.

Thankyou thankyou thankyou God and team!! S.T.


Helped and Encouraged

For 16 years, I waited on my husband to be released from state prison in Texas. I remained faithful, playful and hopeful as society, family and friends turned their back on us. In 2016, he was released to come home and in April of 2019, he went to meet with the Lord. The wounds of prison life caused him to suffer internally but God helped him to forgive. I was up at 2 am in the morning hopeless for a change and Katie Souza came on TBN station. I was helped and encouraged by Katie to hold on to Jesus, pray and watch for a miracle. Today…I am hopeful that Jesus will use all the waiting and grief to help others as I share my story. – A.E.

So Much Peach and Joy

Praise God, Katie, I first watched Healing Your Soul in 2015. I had just gone through a separation. In 2016, then through divorce.  Last year, in  August, I came to Burundi and have been watching Healing Your Soul consistently and am completely healed from the inside! I have so much peace and joy in my heart. God bless u so much, and bless your ministry. S.C.

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