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New Job!!

Less than a week ago I contacted Katie Souza ministries about a Job. I have already accepted a job with a $4,000 sign-on bonus. Praise God


Supernatural Weight Loss!

I prayed with you last night on Joan Hunter’s Facebook live for youth. I’m 55 years old and gained 40 pounds in 9 years and I tried everything but this weight won’t budge. I prayed and asked God to block my fat cells. He told me He heard me, but nothing happened. This morning I woke up my wrists look so much thinner. It’s a start and I’m praising God for it. Also I’m bending so much better. It’s hard to get up when I have to pick up an extra 40 pounds. I’ll continue to keep looking for the rest of my miracle.


Court Revelation

Loved Ones, Just after Christmas, Our Lord started talking to me about Authority. He told me that I did not really understand it nor my intercessor role. He had me read several of Robert Henderson’s book on the operation of the Courts of Heaven. As I read, I saw how he wanted me to change. Also, Our Lord had me almost daily in the Throne of Grace Court. He said I needed to clean out the files and the rooms full of accusations. As I was doing this, he was busy ordering my life. Go get this and then this. I thought Our Lord was crazy when he ordered me to get extra T-Paper. I told him so and did not get it. I was getting the last items one day before everything shut down. — So, I started a new intercessor role for a solid month. — At Passover (Seder Meal), I heard Our Lord say we needed to spend more time in Praise and Thanksgiving. Since the Vision is low concerning the change, I have been learning, being enlightened, adapting, and demonstrating. Love to all, Sandra


Free from Inflammation!

The Lord has led me to be watching a lot of Katie Souza videos on YouTube. Idolatry mostly. I have had a breakthrough in the spirit striving need to overeat. And I have been having problems with inflammation for years. So I happened on the video about inflammation and I just felt a release. It was just a 10-minute video. In the end Katie said to go on the website right now and share your testimony so I am. I am so grateful to the Lord. I am continuing in the soul healing and feel led to repent where I’ve judged, labeled, and analyzed people. That is my assignment today. I am so grateful to be free from inflammation it was IBS, and knees, and neck and legs. Also the bones in my right foot. I feel a big difference everywhere and I am now going to the website to give an offering to the ministry is thanks to the Lord!

  • M.S.

Back Pain Healed Taking Communion

Well you all have prayed for me a lot. Bless you, all! I appreciate it and thank you, it has changed my life for the better. I just had to pass it on that while I was having to babysit my grandson, I got the notification to watch Katie live on my i phone (May 5th, Last Tuesday) and they were going to take communion. I was laying on the porch outside because my lower back hurt so much, it has been an off and mostly on pain. but I listened as best I could while he was dumping all his toys on me. I got my husband to bring me some bread and wine because I said “hurry please go get me some communion elements I want to take communion with Katie for my back”. So he brought me some and I prayed that wonderful powerful prayer and my back quit hurting right then and thereafter I took communion with her. Thank you Jesus, Father God, and Holy Spirit. I was delivered from a spirit of death. Now I just need my toes to quit going numb, I think it is my blood sugar so I am believing and thanking God for that healing that is coming. But I just had to report this praise about my back being healed. ( it has been a long journey to here… I am so thankful and happy. I can swing my hoe in the garden and do all the things I love to do now, Free of Back Pain. Thank you Katy for being sensitive to the Holy Spirit. Bless your prayer team and ministry.

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