On Friday night in Norwalk (Greater Los Angeles area), April 21, I received a call while I was waiting for the meeting to begin from my tax accountant that my tax form was rejected by the IRS. So that not only would I not receive a $697 tax refund, but I will be owing $4000-$5000 depending on the interpretation of my deductions. This was a bombshell. My husband and I argue about money all the time. We argue about the tithe all the time. We have never been released from debt or from a stranglehold on our accounts. Then I heard the Deut 1:11 teaching. I put everything I had into the offering (except coins since I just grabbed the bills and walked up). On Saturday, I held the change I still had and a few more dollars from some money in the car. Everything I had! I sent the python over our finances to the abyss and to burn and never return. I was screaming it!! When I got home on Sat eve my husband had been with the tax accountant and we redid our taxes and our sons. The outcome was – we will receive $4,000. Then when I opened a credit card bill, I saw that I had a $319 credit instead of a payment which is impossible because I knew what I owed at the beginning of the month. I am now praying for my soul to prosper over me, my husband and my children. -J. H.

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