Taking a King to Court

Lesson 13

Do you remember the woman bowed over with the spirit of infirmity, in Luke 13:10-11 (NKJV)? Let me explain why I believe that Jesus went into court, and He healed her. “Now He was teaching in one of the synagogues on the Sabbath. And behold, there was a woman who had a spirit of infirmity eighteen years, and was bent over and could in no way raise herself up.” She had a “spirit” of infirmity. How did that demon get the legal right, to make her infirm? That word, “infirmity” means, “weakness and infirmity of the body and of the soul.” Strong’s G769

She had an unhealed area in her inner man. I don’t know if it was an idol, offense, or trauma. But, she had something in her soul, and that’s what allowed that spirit of infirmity to attack her. She had something in common with that spirit. Now, that soul wound was allowing a demon to literally bend her spine. Remember, you will prosper, and be in health, even as your soul prospers. (3 John 2)

Continuing in Luke 13:12 (NKJV), “But when Jesus saw her, He called her to Him and said to her, ‘Woman, you are loosed from your infirmity.’ So, he laid hands on her and immediately she was made straight.” One meaning of the word “loosed” is, “To acquit one accused of a crime and set them at liberty.” (Strong’s G575) He was making a proclamation, because in the Court of Zion, according to Hebrews 9, Jesus is the mediator of the new covenant. He’s up there mediating the new covenant in the court. He said, “You are loosed” And that meant to acquit one accused of a crime and set them at liberty. He acquitted her of the crime, that Satan had accused her of, that was allowing her to be afflicted.

Jesus went to court for her. Then, He laid hands on her, and made her straight. What was transferred to her? Acts 10:38 (NKJV) says, “… God anointed Jesus Christ of Nazareth with the Holy Spirit and with power (dunamis), went about doing good and healing all who were oppressed by the devil…” Jesus had the anointing of dunamis. One of the meanings of the word “dunamis” is “excellence of soul.” He laid hands on her and immediately she was made straight. Why? Because she had an infirmity. She had something in her soul that was allowing that spirit to attack her. And, the accusation in the courts was allowing that spirit to attack her. So, He loosed her from that accusation. Then Jesus healed her of the wound she had inside of her, so that she would have nothing inside of her that was in common with it, so the enemy would have no power over her.

Think about how many idols there are in the world. In India, there are well over two million idols worshipped. How many idols were worshipped by people in your bloodline, all the way back to Adam? Can you imagine if you had to go through each and every one of them, ” I bind you Baal, I take you to court Chemose, I kick your butt Nagal…” That would take you the rest of your life!

Over every demon, there is a strongman. The Bible says that when you bind the strongman, you can thoroughly ransack his house. Who is the strongman over idols? His name is the king of Assyria.

Now, remember that Hezekiah had some big miracles. The Assyrian army (185,000 strong) that was surrounding Jerusalem was destroyed in their tents while they slept. And Hezekiah was given 15 more years of life. 2 Chronicles 32: 27-30 tells us that Hezekiah becomes hugely wealthy. What did he do to get all those blessings? He got rid of all the idols. Now remember, he was fighting the king of Assyria. Why is that so important? It’s because the king of Assyria is the strongman over all the idols. The entire chapter of Isaiah 10 is all about the Assyrian king and how he says that he is the king over all the idols.

Isaiah 10:8 (AMPC) says, “For [the Assyrian] says, are not my officers all either [subjugated] kings or their equal?” In the demonic realm, he’s the king over all the kings. So, different idols were over regions and nations. He had subjugated kings, or their equal. Yet, he was more powerful than all of them. Verse 10 says, “As my hand has reached to the kingdoms of the idols [which were unable to defend them,]” So he was saying, “My idols are stronger than all the other idols, of all the other nations, and all the other countries. I’m the king over all the idols.”

This should be very exciting to you, because now you just have to go after one dude. You have to take only one dude to court, because he’s over all the rest.

Big Love,

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  • Lawson

    God has been so good to me. Healings, miracles and breakthroughs in my business and finances as I soak to Jesus’ Glory and Light in the morning and before I sleep at night. However, unexplained internal body heat and sweating have returned after being healed of that last year. I have taken my case to the courts of Heaven and believe God Almighty our Judge will issue judgements on my enemies. Katie help me intercede and also praise God for His goodness #Shalom

    • Christopher Perez

      Start taking a daily communion before the lord and thank him for goodness and love for you and for complete healing and restoration of your soul and body. Amen

  • Alex mukamba Akende

    Oh yes getting to know who our adversary is and where to report them….. Jesus our mediator who will fight for us.

  • Veena

    You are such a big blessing and vessel of JESUS, Katie! Much lv

  • Pastor Don Glass

    Good teaching, I pray God continues to bless your ministry! I wrote a while back asking for prayer. I have been a Pastor for 30 years now and I still have things to do! I had colon cancer and surgery in October 2018, they found spots on my liver! Please pray for me thank you,Pastor Don Glass

  • Sophie S Tyrrell

    Could u give us a sample of prayer against the king of Assyria in the court’s of heaven. I struggle to hear God’s voice. There is no one around me to help me. I haven’t a prayer partner. I feel so frustated because I know it in my mind but feel very dry. I’ve been trying for years to be set free and my family. I don’t feel I made much progress. Sorry for whining. I just need help.

  • Pauline

    Read your blog about the Ayssrian King over idols. I had a very traumatic horse accident when I was 13 years of age. I fell backward on my neck,back … my life should have been taken then because I suffered a concussion no doubt, my spine and neck were injured, I was not taken to doctor not because My parents wouldn’t have but thy didn’t know. Today my left and right side my body are not equally balanced, now in my later years digestive system and tract are impaired. I have some of your teachings and I realized that a spirit of something has legal right to stay in my body. To cause accident and to continue in my body. What do I do

    • Sonya

      Hi, if you haven’t already, start soaking your soul. One of my favorites that I use almost every night while sleeping is Katie’s Kingdom of the Son. Check it out! Get her book Soul Decrees and there are many in it that deal with trauma. Speak those decrees over your self daily! I pray that you don’t give up, be healed in Jesus Name!

  • Silas

    Katie this is getting exciting. As we all know Jesus was born a King and Priest, of what order, Not after the order of Levite but after the order of Melchizedek. What if all the time Jesus operated here under the Law He operated after the Order of Melchizedek. Melchizedek, when Abraham met him gave Bread and Wine to him then Abraham Gave Tithes to Melchizedek and Was Blessed By Him. What if as a Priest after the Order of Melchizedek, he could acquit her sin from the courts ….. Basically, Katie, that’s the context u are helping me see Jesus acquitting her. Y know, For Jesus to say Except ye eat the flesh of the Son of man, and drink his blood, ye have no life in you, should hint he is a Priest after the order Melchizedek. He is the true bread that came down from heaven, the Saviour of the whole world

  • Sonya

    Thank you Katie! I have been learning and healing and growing. I am now a soak host for your ministry in Ga. ❤️

  • Milton Seecoomar

    The key is the 18 years. 3/6. She had worshipped an idol. She had a legal right to be free because she was a daughter of Abraham.

  • Janet Olwage

    Hi Katie
    I am soo excited that you’re coming to South Africa soon, and I will b at the Faith n Fire Conference in East London South Africa….it is a great honour and privilege and I am trusting in a creative mirale to remove a bladder sling that has embedded itself in my bladder wall. After reading all your miracles in the prison where metal objects were removed supernaturally – I am trusting for my miracle. God is the God of the impossible. Bless you and your Ministry Katie

    • Heather Clarkson

      This is totally true about the Assyrian demonic king- because just after I had fasted for 40 days (eating a meal after every 24 hours) on November 22, 2011 at 4:30 am, Jesus gave me a dream of my Bible opened to and circled Isaiah 14:24-27. And then He immediately woke up and I looked it up and it was circled in my Bible the exact verses I saw in my dream! And that Scripture says God is going to “BREAK THE ASSYRIANS…”
      And I have yet to battle the demonic kings,so had betterbgrt working on it! But I am not sure if I have to start fasting for another 40 days all over again because in Matthew 4 and Luke 4 it says “Jesus had eaten nothing all that time.”

      So I think I have to start over fasting 40 days again – eating and drinking nothing as it says there and also in Deuteronomy 8 and 9, and then battle the demonic kings- because the power is not coming out of me yet. And one day in Summer 2009, I went up for prayer asking for a job, and both the prayer minister and I physically felt heat (miracle power) coming from my belly and she said I am going to have a healing ministry some day and that is God’s job for me. And I then told her I had been praying for that for the last 2 years!

      So I had better get fasting and battling the demonic kings, because Matthew 17:21 kjv says ” this kind (demonic kings) ONLY come out with prayer and fasting!”

  • Adrian

    Katie, What is the protocal for taking king of Assyria (strongman) to court ? Please provide the solution to the problem. Thank You

  • Rita

    I have been thinking and praying about this, also about the strongmans house. Mark 3:27
    Today i read again and got a insight never seen before. The house is not us. The house is the house of the strongman and to get out. So we repent and forgive, bind the strongman of Assyrisch and run for our life in the arms of Jesus. We have to change of house. Not with the dunamis in the strongmans house. But move in the the dunamis house and leave the strongmans house.

  • Pastor Demeke Leiso

    Hi pastor i one of server my name is Demeke Leiso nationality fom Ethiopia i living at south africa . I following your program all the time by media. You welcome to south Africa .
    plz if possible by praying and willing of God come to visit Ethiopia because of 65% is Muslim. Act 1:8
    thank you. my contact no 0717275022


    Katie you are an answer to prayer im always watching you on utube when im home love your teaching im learning so much.

  • Gift Nyankalwa

    Amen Katie Souza. God bless you

  • Gift Nyankalwa

    Amen to that. God bless you, Katie Souza

  • Marilyn Mosbeck

    Amazing! Blessings Katie!