The God Who Saved Me

I want to start by saying that the enemy does not want this powerful testimony to go forth. I typed it and had gotten to the high point and the computer erased everything. I am not discouraged [...]

A Peaceful Night Sleep

Dear Katie,  I just wanted to let you know that God has used you mightily in my life. Thank you for being a willing vessel in God’s hands! Somebody referred your videos to me and I have [...]

Beauty For Ashes

I got a letter today from your ministry and felt like I needed to send my testimony to Katie. God did a miracle work in my life. I was addicted to alcohol and drugs for over 30 years and have [...]

A Better Outcome

I asked you to pray for Judy …Braddock? (I’ve lost her last name). She was the mother of a dear friend. She had cancer surgery followed by hospital-acquired infection. She was in [...]

Shuffling Dogs

“I heard Katie Souza for the first time last week, on Thursday, July 7, 2016. I immediately downloaded “The Glory Light of Jesus Heals Your Soul” in iTunes. Immediately wounds [...]


Lesson 2 Jesus Christ, when He was here on earth, did supernatural things every single day. It was normal for Him to be supernatural. And he prophesied we would do things even greater, amen? You [...]