Redeemed Into Purpose

Redeemed Into Purpose by Pastor Dustin Williams   …we are all one redemptive moment away from changing the world. “In Him, we have redemption (deliverance and salvation) through His blood, the [...]

“Feast” On The Lord

“Feast” on the Lord Jean Mulquin In mid-March of this year (2020), we got word that the COVID-19 virus was shutting down economies all over the world. Around the same time, Katie received a word [...]

It’s Time to Come out of Isolation!

It’s Time to Come out of Isolation! by Katie Souza In my book, Be Revived, Defeat the Spirit of Death with the Power of Life, I show you how to achieve breakthrough over a spirit that has been [...]

The Unpacking Process

Lesson 18 My husband had a successful window company that went under when the ‘famine’ hit in 2008. In three months, the trades dried up. Robert was unemployed for almost two years. At one point, [...]

Provision and Protection of God

Lesson 3 I originally thought I could get these lessons done in eight weeks, but that isn’t going to happen! I have a lot to tell you about the amazing, superhero tool called ascending! So, if [...]