Preparing Your Offering For Court

Lesson 15 In my previous lesson, we talked about taking communion (the body and the blood) to court, and I explained why you also need to take your offering to court. When I took my offering to [...]

Give Heaps to Get Heaps

Lesson 14 In this lesson, I’m going to prove to you why you will want to take not only communion into the court, but you will want to take an offering into the court as well. Let’s look at King [...]

Quitting Addictions

Lesson 7 You’ve got to understand how important it is to get rid of your idols. You think it’s no big deal that you go and spend your money on a bunch of shoes. Are you actually sick [...]

Money Problems?

Lesson 5 I’m so proud of my assistant, Heidi. She recently got a new car. When she went car shopping, she had a major decision to make. There was a big difference in the payments for the [...]