Get God “outside of the box”

Get God “outside of the box” by Dustin Williams Now to Him Who, by (in consequence of) the [action of His] power that is at work within us, is able to [carry out His purpose and] do super [...]

Storms of Loss

Lesson 11 Last year my Father, Jack Caple, passed on to glory. He took three deep breaths and off he went. I got to watch the angels come and escort him into glory. I will never forget that [...]

Arriving At Your Destination

Lesson 10 Many of you have appointments with God to do something great; it’s been appointed for you to do the works of the Kingdom of Heaven. The enemy knows that you’re headed to [...]


Lesson 1 I received the revelation about Legion several years ago and have personally experienced many miracles because of it. I’ve been healed of lupus, chronic bladder and yeast [...]

The Plane

Lesson 5 So last week I totally had a miracle and totally ticked off the surgeon! It was a win, win for me that day! (Ha, ha just kidding!) God resolved my hemothorax without the medical [...]


Lesson 4 This week I am going to continue to talk about the accident I was in a few years back so you can see how God healed me and why! We were now outside of the car and the ambulance came very [...]

Need A Miracle

Lesson 3 We have been talking about trauma, and how trauma can damage us. It wounds our soul, and can damage us for generations if we let it. Last week we talked about the woman with the issue of [...]

Healed at the Source

Lesson 2 The soul. Trauma. Sin. Illness. It all seems a bit overwhelming at times. I thank God every day for all the times He has healed me, and I am so very thankful for the revelation He gives [...]

The Wounded Soul

Lesson 1 I am going to be speaking about…you guessed it…The soul! Man, the topics that are connected to the soul are just really endless. They’re so expansive, they’re so wide, and [...]