It’s All About the Soul

Lesson 1 The glory light (dunamis) is a supernatural tool that will cause accelerated healing of the soul. The goal of these blogs is to enable our readers to get their souls healed by [...]


Lesson 19 Surprise! I’m still talking about soul healing, the blood and power from the resurrection. Remember that word “power” in Greek is Dunamis meaning the power to make you excellent of [...]

The Junk In Our Trunk

Lesson 18 I promised you that I would share some additional testimonies about peeps being healed simply by praying for healing in their souls. I love testimonies because I know they build faith. [...]

The Journey

Morning blessings! I pray for you and your ministry. Dear Sister/Mrs. Souza, This may be somewhat lengthy, but will do my utmost to keep it short, I have so much to share. I started to attend [...]

Healed Of Legion

Dear Katie and Ministry team, I was suffering from so much mental chatter in my brain, and even after I was born again and baptized I was still not finding peace, but when I watched the episode [...]

The God Who Saved Me

I want to start by saying that the enemy does not want this powerful testimony to go forth. I typed it and had gotten to the high point and the computer erased everything. I am not discouraged [...]

A Healed Mind

I am totally healed in my mind. Thank you for praying and worshiping, honor,  glory and praise to our great King Jesus for answering! -L. R.

Healing While We Sleep

Hi Katie, I want to affirm your recent teaching on deliverance and healing and more by the Lord through the night hours of our sleep. I was saved in 1982 at a Nicki Cruze crusade in the company [...]

Atmosphere of Deliverance

I was at the Bloomingdale, IL conference (August 2016) and while listening to Katie teach and my neck was hurting badly. It has been a problem for a year or so. I have gone to a chiropractor and [...]

Doctors Calling it a Miracle

I left a prayer request back in May after the 21st for my grandson Trent who had a brain bleed. Trent spent 19 days in the hospital May 21-June 9th and walked out of the hospital under his own [...]