Healed Of Legion

Dear Katie and Ministry team, I was suffering from so much mental chatter in my brain, and even after I was born again and baptized I was still not finding peace, but when I watched the episode [...]

Delivered of Legion

The Lord delivered me of legion while watching your webcast video!!! Before I was delivered I had constant mind chatter, confusion, and just a fog over my head. I definitely felt it lift off of [...]

Until God

Just keep doing what you are doing it is so true I was abused as a child and was very sick in and out of the hospitals 3-4 times a week UNTIL GOD healed my soul and helped me forgive. And I have [...]

Healing While We Sleep

Hi Katie, I want to affirm your recent teaching on deliverance and healing and more by the Lord through the night hours of our sleep. I was saved in 1982 at a Nicki Cruze crusade in the company [...]

No More Migraines

Hello I want to say a BIG thank you for your faith and ministry. This morning I was listening to a teaching about faith, and suddenly I felt a migraine  coming on and so I decided to go to sleep. [...]

A Peaceful Night Sleep

Dear Katie,  I just wanted to let you know that God has used you mightily in my life. Thank you for being a willing vessel in God’s hands! Somebody referred your videos to me and I have [...]

Getting Better All The Time

Hello. First, l praise our God through Christ Jesus for you and the ministry the Lord has given to you! I was introduced to Katie Souza Ministries a few years ago. I have studied your teachings [...]

Beauty For Ashes

I got a letter today from your ministry and felt like I needed to send my testimony to Katie. God did a miracle work in my life. I was addicted to alcohol and drugs for over 30 years and have [...]

Atmosphere of Deliverance

I was at the Bloomingdale, IL conference (August 2016) and while listening to Katie teach and my neck was hurting badly. It has been a problem for a year or so. I have gone to a chiropractor and [...]

A Better Outcome

I asked you to pray for Judy …Braddock? (I’ve lost her last name). She was the mother of a dear friend. She had cancer surgery followed by hospital-acquired infection. She was in [...]