The First Step

Lesson 15 I am still on the topic of people dying before their time. I promised last week that I would share with you an example of someone that we fought for. You may have already heard the [...]

Strong in Soul

Lesson 14 In case you missed last week’s blog, let’s review a bit. I was proving to you that some people are dying outside of God’s will or timing for them. We were discussing Lazarus and the [...]

Dying Before Our Time

Lesson 13 Last week we looked at Micah 6 and Luke 5 and 7 (AMPC) and saw how a soul wounded by sin or trauma can cause sickness. Did you know that those diseases can cause people to die before [...]

Soul Health

Lesson 12 We studied Mark 9:47-50 last week and found that Christ was totally speaking about the wounded soul in that passage about plucking out our eye! When the soul is wounded by sin or [...]

Have Salt Within Yourself

Lesson 11 Last week we activated into getting rid of the “junk in our trunk” or excess baggage. In the next few weeks, I want to share with you some amazing scriptures that have helped me in my [...]

Baggage Claim

Lesson 10 We have been talking about trauma, drama, and soul healing. Many of you know I have had a lot of all of those things. Well, there was a woman in scripture that had a grip of trauma from [...]

Walking Victoriously

Lesson 9 We’ve been talking about trauma, how it wounds our soul, and how God has given us what we need to get our souls healed through Jesus! I just spent the last few weeks telling you about a [...]