Surprised by God

In mid-July I saw a teaching from Katie about the spirit of infirmity. Something resonated in me when I read it, so I was able to watch the entire program. Usually I get too uncomfortable sitting very long at the pc. Since 2015 I have been diagnosed with tendonitis in both ankles, lymphedema of my legs, no cartilage in knees, and osteoporosis at the base of my spine. Since the beginning of this year I have felt God calling me to do something, be something, more than this life of unable to stand or cook or clean because parts of me swell and stay swollen for days. Somewhere partway through the video I realized I was sitting better, straighter, and felt no pain. I got up and did not need to push up or support myself with the cane or table top. I believe the osteo has been healed and bone restored to me. The shaky shifting of my left knee is much reduced also, prompting me to walk in the house without the cane. I have been able to do more tasks at one time and not collapse in pain or spend 2 days with my legs elevated to recover. I thought my doctor would send me for another bone density test this year, but he did not. Last week I attended an informational meeting about stem cell injections for my knees. I was planning to pay for them from my saving, $4000 per each body part for umbilical cells by donor. I came home to pray about it first though. When I asked God, He said “How ’bout I make you a deal?’ (Yeah, that surprised me, but….) He continued, “Instead of $4000 to man, you give 10 percent to Katie? Sound good? Whaddya think?” Trust me, I felt a bit stunned, thinking ‘You only want 10 percent??’ So I asked “just $400 God?” And He said, “That’s enough.”

The next day the friend who had gone with me to the info meeting asked if I would do it, so I told her God’s offer. It made her angry. “Why does she need your money?” she snarled. I explained that any worker is worthy of a good payment, and God makes offers it’s foolish to refuse. I also have known this ministry and trust it since first seeing Katie on Sid Roth’s show. She hasn’t asked me anything since then, and I realized she is watching me to see if there is anymore physical changes. She would not admit I am walking more normal. I don’t care how the money is used, I’m willing to be obedient, it’s much more fun than ignoring God. Oh, I forgot to mention all my allergies are now gone! Something was making my nasal passages swell shut more and more at night, so I don’t get deep sleep and feel groggy and mean the next day. Since I saw that video, there is no swelling that constantly wakes me to sit up and breathe, no excess mucus, no constant coughing or sneezing. I have spent thousands through the years, and God set me free by your obedience. Thank you. GOD BLESS YOU ALL. -C. C.

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