Supernaturally Immune

Lesson 5

What exactly is this demonic spirit, Legion?

Legion is 6,000 strong, meaning there are many soldiers with a wide variety of assignments. Many are assigned to make you sick physically and mentally. After Jesus healed the man, according to Mark 5:15, people who heard the story ran and found the guy, this maniac, sitting quietly, clothed and in his right mind. Mark said people “looked intently and searchingly at the guy”. I’m sure they did.

He was in his right mind, healed of the disorders in his mind. Those spirits had been driving him crazy. Before his encounter with Jesus, he was beating, bruising, cutting himself and running naked among the tombs. His mind was gone.

If you have a wound in your soul from something that hurt you or from an act of sin committed against you or maybe a sin you committed yourself, the wound is causing you to wander among tombs. Maybe you were traumatized and the resulting wound is keeping you among the tombs.
Maybe Legion is attacking your mind, causing excessive, non-stop chatter in your head. Legion can create noise in your mind, robbing you of your peace. He can cause disorders, bipolar diseases, depressions and anxieties. The man in Mark 5 had that and probably much more, but when he was delivered he sat quietly, clothed and in his right mind.

By now you know, I study words and phrases in depth, because I learn a lot that way. I went to the “Strong’s” and broke down that little phrase, “clothed and in his right mind.” I found it means, “to be sound of mind,” naturally. But, it also means “to be healed of diseases”.

So, Legion is putting diseases on you.

The word “disease” as you know means many things, all bad. I’ve noticed many people seem to catch a lot of illnesses, colds and flu and such. I think it is the spirit of Legion on them because of their soul wounds. I’ve had my share. I have gone toe to toe with this thing many times. And every time, in the end I won because I got my soul healed through Jesus.

That thing made me sick, giving me all kinds of yuck. Many of these illnesses seem common and routine. We just say, “Yeah, I’ve got a stinking cold,” like it is just something everyone has to endure at some time. Hey, I took biology in high school. (I didn’t listen very much, but I was in the class….well, some of the time, anyway.) I know about germs and bacteria and viruses. I’m saying those are the natural things Legion uses against us. Jesus uses the supernatural to overcome the natural.

If we have no wounds in our souls, we will never have to fear viruses, bad bacteria, germs, flu-bugs or any of those things. In Psalms 91, we are told we do not have to fear pestilence.
A member of my staff, one of our leaders, told me about a dream she had, where her body was covered with red dots inside of red circles. She was covered with it from head to toe but she was perfectly healthy and normal because, even though it was all over her, it couldn’t make her sick. She had dominion over it because she was well in her soul.

I’ve never had a flu shot. I used to get flu all the time, but since my soul has been healed, I never get the flu. I’m on airplanes all the time, breathing re-circulated air that has any number of airborne creatures! If Legion attacks me because he found something in my soul, and I come down with some real sickness, I immediately pray that my soul is healed with the power of the blood of the cross and dunamis power from the Resurrection and I see the symptom and pain, infection, whatever it is, go away instantly.

We aren’t healed instantly with antibiotics. In fact, doctors say most people make a mistake by not taking an entire prescription. They stop when they feel better and frequently the bug comes back. Well, I don’t even take antibiotics and the problem leaves. As soon as my soul is healed, it’s over. You can operate the same way. You can have dominion over spirits like Legion. You can have a supernatural immune system, praise the Lord!

Some of our readers are getting eager. They want to get to the activation’s, because they need to get on with it. They are sick and tired of being sick and tired, as the saying goes.

Well, okay. Next week, we begin. Big love, K.S.

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  • Daphne Bosick

    So how do we conquer illness like this . Will you be explaining exactly how or can we get this instruction on a video you offer at

    • Robert Souza

      Yes, we will be getting more into that in our upcoming lessons though you may also watch my TV Broadcast on video here which includes prayers and activation’s towards the end of each episode! Just start at number one and work your way through girl, and be blessed! K.S.

  • Anita Coutu

    Katie, is it possible to have a printable version of your teachings where a printing can be made without pictures ? Pictures take so much ink. Shalom. Anita Coutu

    • Robert Souza

      Just copy the text and then paste it into a Word document and print it out that way perhaps? Robert

  • Jennifer

    Thanks for that teaching. Clarity on the source makes all the difference. Your diligence concerning proper interpretation is contributing to real breakthrough. Hooray!!

  • Pattie

    I am a nurse..recently retired. I have dealt with patients and medical problems for 40 years. But,what you are teaching makes so much sense…yet the world lives with wounds in their souls all their lives. Even people in my family. How I pray and wish this could change and their eyes would be opened. I believe it, with all my heart. Soul wounds make you sick..physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. God bless you. I just pray for all the people I love and soak their souls in the Blood, in the Dunamis, and in the Glory Light of Jesus! God bless you for these teachings. What an anointing you have. God bless you, Katie. Love, P. Perry

  • Tonya Basham

    I’m looking forward to next week’s teaching!! Blessing you, Robert and all the ministry staff!

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