Supernatural DNA

Lesson 4

You have supernatural DNA in you. We are ‘superheroes’ here on earth and we have a superhero tool belt. We’ve got the belt of Truth and on it are supernatural tools that can help us bring the Kingdom of Heaven to Earth. Fasting is a supernatural tool, as is reading the word of God and making decrees, praying, interceding and doing spiritual warfare. So, just like Batman throws his Batarang and BAM, he smacks people in the head, we are able to crush the enemy’s head under our feet because Jesus lives in us!
The Glory is another powerful tool on our supernatural tool belt. “And the sanctuary was filled with smoke from the glory (the radiance, the splendor) of God and from His might and power.” Revelation 15:8 (AMPC) His sanctuary is full of glory, the Presence of God, all He is – His character and nature. Ascending into the heavens will give you access to a whole new level of glory where there is creative power.
In Genesis 1, the Earth was an empty void and God’s Spirit (His glory) came down and hovered over that empty void. After God’s Glory was present then God began to create the Universe. God spoke into His Glory and said, “Let there be Light!” That is important because the sanctuary in heaven is filled with glory. When we ascend we can begin speaking, just like God spoke and created everything! God and His Son, Jesus, are still creating by speaking into the Glory that is in the Throne Room! Every miracle or healing we receive was birthed this way!
The Glory can be used as a tool of major transformation. 2 Corinthians 3:18 tells us that we are being transformed into His image, into His likeness from glory to glory. When you get into the Presence of God your character is transformed into His character. It is a holy exchange. You trade in all the junk in your trunk for His character!
We can’t change on our own. We so often try to be obedient to God, do the right thing, behave, not sin, but it’s like Paul said in Romans 7:20 (AMPC) “Now if I do what I do not desire to do, it is no longer I doing it [it is not myself that acts], but the sin [principle] which dwells within me fixed and operating in my soul].” But when we have a supernatural encounter with God, we can be changed – and it doesn’t take striving and effort for it to happen!

Awhile back, the Lord asked me to do something very specific. I just could not bring myself to do it. I thought, “If I do this – I won’t be able to do ministry!” God will let you wrestle with Him for a minute, but if you continue it becomes downright disobedience and sin. One morning I heard the Lord say, “Because you haven’t been obedient, the Heavens are now closed.”

I can’t live without an open Heaven! I have to have it for myself, my family…and for you! So I cried, “Oh God! You need to help me, I am so bound up in my soul! I need to go up and sit in Your Presence and be transformed into Your image! I need to go into the Heavens and get help!”

Repentance opens up the Heavens (Matthew 3:2) so I spent a focused amount of time repenting for disobedience and applying the Blood. I went up, but I was locked in a dark house. At the end of the hallway, there was a door with a little window at the top and there was blazing glory shining through. “God, how do I get to your Glory?” God simply said, “Go open the door!” As I opened the door, I felt the shift inside my soul when the Glory flooded in.

I stepped freely into what God had been asking me to do without hesitation. That night the Heavens suddenly opened inside my home and Jacob’s ladder dropped down. God told me, “Your disobedience held up My promises. Now that you have been obedient, I am standing at the top of the ladder decreeing them over you again and the Angels that are ministering to you are now ascending up into Heaven to get what you need to let those promises come to pass and they are descending back down to Earth to bring them to you.”

There was a major shift in my personal life and in my ministry. It began with me being able to ascend into The Glory so that I could be changed, and it ended with the Angels ascending and descending for me to get everything I needed!

You my friend, can do this too! This is for all of us. Stay tuned until next week!

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  • Anthony Gray-Bolden

    This is great insight and reassurance that God’s intention is not to withhold something from us, but to release his promises contingent on his love, mercy, and our obedience. I connect with being bound in such a way to not be able to do the thing that God asks us to do. Seeking deliverance for years in the area of low self esteem, anxiety, and fear which are obstacles in the way of freely doing the will of God. Thanks for this blog I look forward to the mini lessons.

  • Gwyn L. Ditmars

    Katie, as I read this, TEARS, MEGA TEARS flow! It was as if God were speaking directly to me! The last week I have been “Stuck in Reverse” and mourning my Son’s.. Not because of their passing, but because I miss them so much. Just as I was reading it all made perfect sense to me! I have always felt the Glory and Presence of God in my life. But for these last few days, I can’t seem to get the tears to stop flowing. I have so much to be thankful for and I am. I know that I know my son’s are with Jesus! You would think that would be enough to stop the tears of grief flowing down like rivers. I want Jesus to take me up to His Open Heaven and heal me up! All the way up, even with two new kidney’s but most of all cleanse me and heal me all of me body, soul and Spirit! in JESUS NAME!

  • Ava Stowers

    Love the Jesus in You! Blessings!☝

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