Storms of Loss

Lesson 11

Last year my Father, Jack Caple, passed on to glory. He took three deep breaths and off he went. I got to watch the angels come and escort him into glory. I will never forget that amazing encounter. However, during the last months of Dad’s life, I faced some of the most devastating storms I have ever had in my life.

Dad kept falling and we were in the process of acquiring an emergency call button to be worn around his neck, when I couldn’t get in touch with him one day. Deeply concerned, I asked his neighbor to check on him, and Dad was found lying in his driveway in the blazing Arizona sun. He had been there for hours. He was taken in, treated for his heart and an infection, then was sent home.

After another fall and trip to the hospital, I found out that he had been seen in the emergency room and they let him go! Fighting back anger and disbelief, I had him readmitted. Soon they were performing a heart procedure, so I hoped things were back on track, but this was far from the case.

Dad was sent to rehab again. One day, I found him in the exercise room throwing up in a trash can and unable to speak. The staff said he was not eating very well. When I questioned him, he finally admitted he didn’t like the food. So, I met with the kitchen staff and asked them to put things he liked on his tray. After I fed him myself for a few days, I thought he was stable. Afterwards, I had to go out of town again, but on my return, everything was flipped upside down.

I went to visit and immediately noticed that he was wearing the same clothes I had put on him when I left four days earlier, and he was filthy – his face smeared with drool and liquid. Blood was on his hands and sheets, and again, he wasn’t speaking. I tried to coax a nod from him as he stared straight ahead. His food tray was untouched. When I asked him if he had eaten, he motioned “no”. When I asked him if he had eaten since I was there four days previously, he again shook his head side to side. I thought I was going to freak out!

I found he had been spitting out his medication into the sheets! Since no one checked on him for four days, they hadn’t noticed. Plus, he was wearing a filthy diaper, and his catheter was causing a red rash and infection. While I waited for the nurse, I asked, “Daddy, why have you been laying here alone for four days without even the TV to keep you company?” He just stared. I picked up the remote, aimed it at the TV, and pushed the power button, but nothing happened. That’s when I discovered the remote had no batteries in it!

I tried to confront the staff peacefully. Their response was, “We just changed his clothes and gave him a shower.” “Really, then why does he have on the same clothes that he had on four days ago; and didn’t anyone think it was strange that he hasn’t touched his tray for four days?” I continued. Their response was, “Maybe he wasn’t hungry.” At this point my Christianity was being truly tested. I continued on by pointing out the medication in the sheets, the infection, the diaper, and most of all, his silence. The head nurse replied, “Maybe he is just mad he is here?”

So, I demanded they test him to find out what was wrong. They resisted, insisting there was nothing wrong with him. Two attendants began snickering at me and rolling their eyes. The old Kate finally came out. “If you roll your eyes at me one more time,” I said menacingly to one of the girls, “I’ll rip your face off.”

Finally, agreeing to test him, I insisted that he be cleaned, changed, and fed. The head nurse made one last attempt to justify their actions. “We have taken good care of your Father,” she said defiantly. “Oh yeah?” I fired back. “Is that why he laid here for four days filthy, hungry, and alone without even a TV to watch?” One attendant chimed in, “His TV has been on the whole time!” That audacious lie was the straw that broke this camel’s back. I literally roared, “How’s that when there are no batteries in the remote?!”

Suddenly, I broke down crying. I even surprised myself because I never cry – so I knew I was done. The good news was that my unusual emotional response was a blessing for those women. If I hadn’t been crying they would probably have been lying on the floor bleeding to death.

After everything was said and done, I left totally exhausted. One hour later, they called, and Dad was being rushed to the hospital. The tests revealed an infection that was so bad, it could have killed him.

This was only the beginning of the storm…there was much worse yet to come. Next time, I will tell you the rest of this story and explain why this was happening!

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  • Ms. Ivanne Rhoades

    I have been so blessed by this ministry and I say that just like other’s all the time. But, this particular teaching came at a very crucial time in my life, and God is amazing with His timing because if I had not had this to help me figure out what the crap was going on in my own life I would still be stuck wonder what the crap is going on. I do bless this ministry regularly with monthly giving, I have too, because this ministry has changed the course of my life. Again, knowing and understand Legion set me free from this bastard and now I am getting ready to received a financial blessing that I have been waiting for, for 20 plus years. May God continue to bless you Katie, your ministry, your family your home and your life.

  • Ms. Ivanne Rhoades

    I want to share this testimony because it too involves storms. In June of 2015, I was on a plane flying into Ft. Lauderdale Fl, to visit a friend I have know for 17 years now. As the plane was approaching Ft. Lauderdale the pilot came over the speaker and let us passengers know that a storm was causing planes to be grounded and we would not be able to land until the storm passed. The plane was in the air circling in the sky directly in front of the Ft. Lauderdale airport and the plane kept going around and around and around in a circle until I was getting a bit dizzy. All of a sudden I heard the Holy Spirit say start pleading the blood of Jesus. I did. As I began to plead the blood of Jesus the plane went around one more time and them landed on the tar mat of the airport. I said Lord have mercy thank you Jesus, then after that we were just sitting there not moving the Holy Spirit said it again plead the blood of Jesus I did, as soon as I did that place began to taxi to get us off that plane. What the Lord revealed to me is that the blood of Jesus ceases the storm, that storm in the natural literally stop as I obeyed the Lord’s command to plead the blood of Jesus. I am a blood of Jesus freak, I put the blood on everything, and it works. As I get my soul healed with blood and dunamis, I also see the blood ceases the storms in my life. I love the blood, the word and dunamis power.

  • Jake's

    It was heart touching Katie. Iam a man whose emotions are frozen. And iam longing to pour out my heart bto worship God where it affected my singing too. I can’t sing sweetly,.. as I type this after a long time, I sense tears rolling down…we treasure everything what you share… We love you, thanks.

  • Lawson

    Stay Strong Katie. Your testimonies and life experience are reference point always in gaining more & more victory in my life. You are Blessed.

    P.S- Katie when would your New “Legion Slayer” soak album be available on iTunes? Checked days ago to download but didn’t see it on there #Shalom

  • Teresa Guzman

    Literally crying these endurance’s Of life in this world surely can scar us up! I’m so glad your set sort Katie! Keep testimony coming your overcoming in a phenomenal way only God can be the reason! Love your life stories they are so reassuring of life in Christ is a battle but we got the Victory praise our God

  • Sarah Elaine Sisler

    I am very sorry to hear of your loss. I have stopped trusting traditional doctors/healthcare facilities. Thank you for sharing your wisdom with us!

  • Debbie Kurth

    Thank you so much for this! Timing was perfect. I have a mom in ICU as we speak. She is frail and suffering and yet the staff is more interested in other things and talking to their friends. I wanted to rip them verbally apart.

  • Savannah

    This made me so angry. I have too choose to not sin. Father i lift up the elderly community father. Who so happen to fall into categories of being widows and homeless. I know you see the abuse that goes on when no one is looking. I pray for exposure. I pray that you would send strategy and angelic intervention to protect them. I pray for a stirring in the hearts of the workers to value their job as assigned by you that they would value that calling as a ministry to do your will and do it unto you. Father i pray for change. On behalf of Katies dad and my. Grandma Soledad and the countless others who spent the last moments of their life in fear, lonliness and abuse. I know that they are rejoicing and free of pain with you. But i pray for better. I believe for better Lord. You are so good and nothing is impossible for you. I’m sorry Katie. Im anxious to read the rest of the story I know it has a happy ending.. I appreciate all your insight and wisdom. Your activation prayers at the end of your videos on YouTube began to align my life with the Lord and blessings have come at rapid speed. You are a blessing. Love you

  • Marilyn F Davis

    My son Jason was 43 when he suffered a traumatic brain injury from a car accident 18 months ago. We have experienced the same care for him in a nursing home- sending him to the hospital 4 times in less than 5 months with pneumonia. Please pray for an appropriate living facility.

  • Carolyn

    Dear Jesus I am sooo sorry Katie. I’ve been a nurse for 32 years. I met you in Maricopa at your place. I was one of the 4 ladies last February yo called in. I can’t hardly imagine. I lost my dad too. I was stuck in the Phoenix airport and 2 planes broke down that day and I couldn’t be with him to say goodbye. My heart goes out to you sweetie. I wish I could have been his nurse. ❤️Love Carolyn

  • Connie Case

    I have received a news letter and opportunity to give by mail in the past, Iand recently I realized I haven’t received one in the past few months. I am trying to limit my time n electronic devices and would really appreciate the ‘snail mail’ I had before. I can re-read them and I also archive them in a folder to share with others. Thank you. Connie

  • Barbara Tinsley

    The similar thing happened to my grandmother
    That facility is now closed

  • Debra Randall

    Wow Katie can’t wait to hear the rest of the story and so refreshing to see someone that seems so perfect in the Lord had storms in your life that caused you to fall down but i know not out. This helped me so much! !! Thank you for being so transparent and honest! Debra

  • Judith

    My dad passed in January and the hospital had him sitting up for 7 days before he got a bed, I think he was just tired and went home. Its still sad lose him having not blessed him how I wanted to but I pray that my prayers and instructions to him led him through the gates and into the arms of love untold. Its hard but Jesus never fail to comfort with his presence. Be comforted in Jesus Name.

  • Rae Srisamart

    Dear Katie,
    I’m so sorry to hear the experience you have been through with your father, & the loss. It is the most heartbreaking experience anyone can received with their loved ones, their parents. We have to be the advocate to stand for ones that can’t stand for themselves. I am a private home caregiver. That is my prayer, for God to place me where I can be there to give them the best care every single person deserves. It really hurts to see so many suffer in these situations.
    Sometimes I wonder, Lord where do you want me exactly. I love to care-give, but maybe you have something more for me. When I read your experience, I am where God wants me to be. I am waiting now for my next assignment.
    I am looking forward to reading the conclusion of your father’s care. I know when we stand as an advocate, & our beliefs, God can moved the mountains, & we can make the difference! I’m a good friend of Apryle Borst, & Carol Tomlinson. I assist Carol with the Glory Realm Ministry. If you know of anyone who needs an advocate, a caregiver, you can let Apryle or Carol know, or just email me.
    My prayer is with you, your family, & your ministry! Thank you for sharing!

  • Kathy Raymond

    Katy, I am sorry for your lose and the emotional and physical trauma you endured. My father is also in a LTC center (old age or disabled prison). I have been surprised by my rage toward the injustices going on in these facilities. Many people have empathy and confirm how difficult it is but do not have solutions. How do you forgive people and forgive and forgive when you walk in daily to see they aren’t caring for these prescious children of God. As if they had no clue that they maybe the final runner in the race to get them home to Jesus. I look forward to hearing the rest of your story. Mine and my father’s is still being written.

  • Kathy Raymond

    Reread my previous comment and want to clarify. My father is not in a prison care center but it is my feeling that the nursing homes in the free worlds are liken to a prison. many are locked in their bodies or minds and if on Medicaid they have a space as small as if not smaller to a prison cell and must share a room with another. Often suffering with the loud noise from tv’s, slamming doors as the staff can’t be bother to close a door with care, moaning and groaning of people who aren’t out of their minds but have been neglected and are making any noise they can pleading for help until final hopeless they go into a zombie state of mind.
    I don’t accept this and am daily crying out to God for answers, forgiveness for the thoughts towards these workers. I found I had more in common with Peter,before the calvary. I wanted to cut off more their ears. Then I asked them what their stories were to find out their were also prisoners to poverty mindset and many had their own parents in the facility or another. It was like because we suffer through it so should you. Or we couldn’t make a difference neither will you. But I know the starfish story. i may not be able to rescue them all but to this one it matters also mercy says No, not on my watch. So, I prayed for them to be set free from their horrible jobs. Dad’s care center now has a new administrator, director of nursing and several CNA’s and the atmosphere has begun changed. I still would not miss a day. I shave him myself and often feed him. I made sure we had a wheelchair accessible van during his spend down phase of applying for medicaid. Being able to take him to his doctors and procedures because they just wheel them into waiting rooms, hand clerk the papers and leave. Then come back to pick them up. They are intentionally short staffed so the profit go to the corporations. The staff that do care and would love to be able to spend more time with each resident can’t because their workload is too great. There has to be a better way to honor the elderly and disabled.

  • Sheila

    Oh Katie my heart goes out to you going through all of this.
    I went through something so like it 8 months ago with my Mom, it was not her time to go, it was a horrible nightmare. I finally asked the Lord to come and take her and give her peace, he did that night. Three months of my Daddy. I wanted and believed for her to be healed, it was a hard thing to do.
    Bless you my dear
    Sheila Waits ❤️

  • Valerie Jayne Carter

    Hi I have a prayer request. I had brain surgery 3 years ago this month. It was to remove a brain tumor. The tumor was non cancercerous . However since then my brain oncea oodles of sleep 10-12 hours every nite and I have head pain every single nite. I have 4 children (ages 8-13) and it is very hats for me to get that amount of sleep.the more exhausted I am the greater the pain is. Even with narcotics I can’t even always control the pain. I had 17 illneases quite a few years ago. And God healed every one of them. So I don’t know why God hasn’t healed me yet. I have listened to Katie’s messages about healing the body and the sounds of sin. Could I have prayer for this and for healing? Thank you!!

    • Lynn

      Wow Valerie, you had 17 illnesses and God healed them all! What a testimony!! I stand in agreement with you that he will be faithful once again, for we know that in our weakness He is strong! God Bless you!!!

  • Wendy Roberts

    This is a timely message. I am in the midst of those storms of loss. Last week my husband left me and is working on divorce paperwork to serve to me. Adultery is suspected. I am in much pain and anxiety. He wants me to move out ASAP. There is tremendous loss occurring.

    • Lynn

      Praying for you Wendy that God will strengthen you thru this and place you upon the rock of Jesus Christ where you’ll be untouchable!!!

  • Chey

    Wow, what a testimony! Katie, thank you for sharing! This is like the best blog ever! I am looking forward to Lesson 12. Praise God that your dear father is in His Presence!

  • Kim Heath

    Oh Katie, I’m so sorry! I totally understand as I have a very similar story about my father. It was a terrible time for both him and me. The last few months dad went demented, screaming and swearing (he never swore) and reliving the war years and they wouldn’t give him anything to stop it! I had to fight for him for years. They hated me, but I was just tryng to look after my dad. It is such a traumatic time. I went through it alone. My sisters don’t live near me. It was a blessed relief when he died. I love you and your ministry.

  • Carol

    So sorry for your loss, my dad fell on January 3 rd and we buried him on the 30th! His brain had shrunk so much they were amazed he had lived this long! He was not in a home, and I was grateful that he passed as he was unable to do any thing. They put him in a home the last 2 weeks my only complaint was they shaved him! My dad never shaved until there was no snow on the ground! That was a shock! Many other things came at this time which I was grateful for. Can’t wait to hear the rest of the story!

  • Sandi

    Katie, sorry to hear about your father. I watched my mother die from Liver cancer and some people in the medical profession can lack compassion required / needed for caring for the sick and the elderly. What broke my heart with my mom was that there were times that I felt that she had been “written off”. I had to “fight” to get the hospital to remove fluid from her lungs. When I took her back the second time, they refused. Writing about it just brings back memories that make me want to cry out loud. The only comfort I get is realizing that to be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord, and that now she is more healthy and happier than ever! To God be the Glory, thank you Jesus!

  • Cheri

    Same thing happened with my mother. The nurse left a turnaquate on my mom’s arm. Her arm was purple when I found her. Mom was so out of it and had no idea. I was livid. When I finally found a nurse she tried to explain it away. Mom’s nurse never came to my room. I reported her to the head nurse who said ” im sorry if this is your perception. I said it’s no perception. It’s reality!!!”
    God bless you Katie

  • Bo

    I was my dad’s live in caregiver for the past 7 years. He was blind and had dementia so the last 2 years, were hell. It seemed getting the care he needed was an endless battle. Due to his issues, I continually lost aids who said he was just too much to handle. When he finally stepped into eternity I was wiped out but felt I had did my best, albeit sometimes I did terrible but I kept my promise not to put him in an old folks home…..I had won but my battle scars were huge. This all happened while my husband was told he had cancer and he was going through his treatment. Now even month after, I still feel numb as I try to come back to some new kind of normal. The last 7 years old my life, it seemed my whole life had to stop so I could care for my dad. Reading your story, I can relate to the times in tears i would beg the VA to please help me but to no avail.

  • J

    I’m so sorry, Katie. That’s called elder abuse, as you surely know. I hope you reported that institution and its staff, and I pray it has shut down so no one else gets hurt. My dad went to heaven in February; my heart goes out to you and I pray for your comfort & peace. Thank you for being such a blessing to all of us. We love you 🙂

  • Cora matchett

    Katie I’m in the same place in like fr in a health care faculty for my mom and dad. I m an investigator so I checked FB and two of the highest paid nurses show witches.Reiki and spells cast as you read their FB postings. I felt gratefulness in beginning now I confirmed my feel of darkness .. I asked could I have Sunday worship because there has been none but one in nine months. When I asked that. All hell broke lose. My parents were separated. Dad now has broken hip and mom suffering w a disease resistance UTI. They failed to give her her needed antibiotic for almost 18 he’s a get released back to home. They lied to me they as they had the prescription on hand and they did not. Praying for protection I too plead the blood … over my parents and others there …..I first called Corporate. Got no response SO I’m waiting on the State investigators to show up anytime NOW….I’m their object of attack all because I wanted to get some Word some Hope some Jesus to this large facility of those without Jesus Counting beads with each other was the most I saw of anyone seeking the Lord .
    Prayers for protection for all those without a family member to fight the evil. I’m the only family out of 70 bed unit there almost everyday. The evil ones in charge there … prayers requested as I’m growing weak dizzy
    Background info
    I rescued my parents almost two years ago like pound puppies before put to death
    My sister stole my parents entire estate. over half million cash .
    She placed them in hospice to be killed in 197 days without my knowledge.

    My sister told me the devil came to her to make a deal I was so horrified I could never remember the deal …..

    I pretty much avoided her after taking in that sentence

    My sister always said one day you will get shot off the porch .. I was shot at 2013 on my parents porch. Could not prove it was her.

  • Lynn

    I’m so sorry Katie that you had to see your dad being treated that way and I’m sure I would have reacted with that same righteous indignation!!! Everyone in my family is unfortunately gone including my sister who was a heroin addict & died at 42. Fortunately, though I’ve never had to deal with nursing facilities, but it absolutely infuriates me just listening to it because it’s just so unacceptable!!!! I don’t understand why there isn’t some sort of legislation to hold these people accountable! I saw a youtube video of a family that planted a hidden camera in the alarm clock next to their father’s bed and caught all of the mistreatment on tape which they later used against the organization. I hope you’ve taken steps to at least report them because I’m sure you’re dad of one of probably thousands who had to endure that same awful treatment. God Bless You strong lady!

  • Itumeleng Mokoena

    I am encouraged looking forward to your message really want to know why we go through such in life

  • Sue

    Dear Katie,
    I’m sorry for your experience. It is heart rendering. Taking care of our Elderly parents is a challenge on all fronts including our faith and Christian walk. I know; I’ve been there, done that, and thankfully both parents are in heaven now. I was like the daughter that no staff wanted to see coming into the office. Daily I would vow to be better and act better but I failed many times. On top of that I am an RN-just retired after 35 years- and even I found our health care system fragmented and lacking. For non- healthcare people trying to navigate the system and knowing what to watch for is incredibly challenging. Through it all the Lord sustained me; forgave me; until I could let it rest in His hands. Prayer and the Word of God are transforming; for both the situation and for ourselves. I pray that you are finding peace and release as you walk through grief. It, too, is a journey. I will definitely pray more specifically for you on this. Be strong and courageous, thank you for sharing and for your ministry.

  • Rachel Hernandez

    Dear Katie, My sister and I experienced the same things. The doctor had given us the name of a small hospital to continue treatment, when we went, mom had not had any water, there were no sheets on the bed and she looked awful. When I confronted the nurses they just acted like they did not care so I went to the main office, and pushed for clean sheets, for mom to be given an IV for fluids and I was to be called. My sister and I ended up taking turns staying with mom day and night for weeks. We had to threaten to get her discharged by calling the American Medical Ass. . The same for my father, he was without clothes, dirty, he was given drugs that made him crazy, we fought and fought and prayed and prayed, until the very people that said dad would never walk out of there with his mind, he did, praise God. And mom, my sister and continued to keep praise and worship music in her room, a Bible open and scriptures and we declared and prayed. They both are gone now with the Lord.