Storing up Treasures in Heaven

Hi Ministry Team! My husband and I have been watching Katie’s you tube episodes every night for the last week and will continue until we watch all of them! Something crazy keeps happening EVERY TIME we watch one of her messages. My husband or myself or both of us…. falls asleep. It’s like the glory of the Lord rests upon us while she is preaching and we pass out. The tangible presence of God can be felt resting on us. We are trying so hard to learn from her teachings but we keep falling asleep during them!!!! I think God is healing our souls by doing this. For the teachings we have managed to stay awake during, we have received major amounts of soul healing from bitterness & unforgiveness from people who have hurt us, specifically for me, from my old business partner. (I owned a high end women’s boutique, then sold for a profit, thank God) My husband and I are entrepreneurs and we have had financial success in our lives. We are a young couple, 35 and 37, we have a young son and we are passionate about giving and building His kingdom. I am so thankful for this ministry. We gave a one time donation today and I am so excited for the soil we just seeded into.

Katie – Girlfriend, you are a freaking rockstar. Keep preaching, teaching and bringing the truth to this generation so Jesus can fulfill the God given destiny he has planned for his children . Thank you for being so real, so raw and pouring out your heart so that people like me can be set free and soar into all that God has planned. I hope one day we meet, but until then, I will keep building and sowing because lets face it, this life is temporary and it’s all about storing up treasures in heaven. Sending you much love and gratitude. -S. P.

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