Steps For Healing

Lesson 13

The three basic steps for healing are: 1) Repent for the sin that caused the wound, whether it was our sin, generational sin, or sin someone else did to us, and then forgive anyone associated with that sin. Put the blood of Jesus on the sin. The cross takes away all the sin. That was why Jesus hung there! He did that to take away the sin of the world. 2) Once the sin is taken care of, apply the glory light, the dunamis resurrection power of Christ, to that wound to get it healed. 3) Command the demonic to come off! They will come off easily because the legal right is gone. Our dreams and visions can lead us through each and every step of this process.

Step one: First we deal with the sin. That’s what Jesus went to the cross for. If the sin is not dealt with, it can actually block the light from getting to the wound, which is the second step. Let me give you an example. We were ministering to a friend who had been deeply wounded by her stepfather. He had molested her right in front of her mother and her mother allowed it. That was a double betrayal. That sin deeply wounded her soul and then caused her to sin. She became bitter, angry, and resentful against people and against certain situations in her life. As we were ministering to her, we couldn’t get the light to go on.

We were stuck. So, I got still for a minute and the Lord said to me, “Your friend needs to forgive anew. And she needs to repent.” I thought this was not going to go over well, but I began to explain it to her anyway.

I said, “The Lord says that you need to forgive them again and then you need to repent for yourself.”

She said, “What do you mean I have to repent? I didn’t do anything! I was just a child!”

Repenting when you are the victim is a hard thing to do, but it’s the truth! The Truth is what sets us free! She had been victimized. However, when someone sins against us and it makes a wound in our soul, that wound will then make us act out of that sin, which is also sin.

The Apostle Paul talked about it. It is the sin nature, fixed and operating in our soul. So, even though she had been sinned against, it now caused her to be bitter and resentful, which is sin. The Lord was so good, even as I explained this to her, He gave her a vision of a light bulb with a broken filament! She understood that. She knew no light was getting in, and she did not want to stay there in the darkness. The original sin wasn’t even hers, but she could repent for them, and she could forgive. As we have been forgiven, we must forgive, so light can come in! God used this symbol to speak directly to her. She did what God was asking of her, and began to see the manifestation of God’s healing in her life.

God can use symbols in our dreams and visions to let us know when we have not properly dealt with the sin that is on the wound, just like He did for my friend.

Let’s say I have a dream and someone is in the dream with me who has deeply wounded me. In the dream I have sunglasses on. What do sunglasses do? They block the light from getting into my eyes…the windows to my soul. So God is using these sunglasses as a symbol of sin that is blocking the light from getting into my soul to heal my wounds.

When we see symbols like this that are blocking the light from coming in, we know we are dealing with sin that needs to be taken care of first. We then ask God to show us the sin so we can repent, put the blood on it, and move forward.

Mark 9 (AMPC) says that the worms in hell represent the wounds put on a man by his sin. We were praying for a woman who was cutting herself, and I knew exactly who was tormenting her – it was the spirit of Legion. Remember what Mark 5 says; that the man would ‘beat, bruise, and cut himself.’ Legion was able to be on that man to control him because he lived among the tombs. Likewise, Legion had the legal right to make her cut because she had soul wounds that were created by sin.

Holy Spirit led us as we ministered and she received a vision of her own heart that was black and squirming with worms. She said, “I wonder what that means?” Those worms symbolized sin that can block the light from coming into our soul. I led her through repentance and forgiveness. Then she received a second vision. This time, the blood of Jesus was coming down and frying those worms!

You will want to read next week’s blog, as we will be talking about other important symbols you might have in your dreams!

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  • Ms Angela L Vann

    Hello! I only learned of, and began listening to you last week! Your teachings are amazing! Thank you, and God bless ‘ya! Happy Easter! Shalom! ALV

  • Mary Wright

    This is so true. Sins against us that are unforgiven by us will lead to our own sin and a blocking of the healing God has for us. The bitter root in our soul needs to be surrendered before healing can come! Amen and Amen!

  • Peter

    Really blessed to have these teachings. I have been seeking employment opportunities for 16 months now. Please pray for me to understand the situation.

  • Pia R Kumar

    Thank you so much for your teachings. I have been learning a LOT! And practising your steps. I live in India and sending an offering to any place outside India is a very long tedious process. Almost impossible unless it is being sent to a blood relative. If you have any office located here please let me know. I will gladly give! My prayers and love are with you !

  • Miriam

    What happens when you don’t ever dream???? I have asked to have dreams but nothing yet!!!! Praying for this.