Starting Over

Dear Katie, I have been fighting hidden demons for most of my life. I am 66 years old and have finally overcome them through your introduction to dunamous power. My soul has been healed. After many visits to a number of psychologist, I had more or less given up. I was raped and held at knife-point when I was 15 years old and a virgin. Again I was raped by my boyfriend, and it resulted in pregnancy. I was hidden in the attic during the pregnancy and was forced to relinquish the baby boy. I got married to the worst possible choice one could make for a husband. He too was an abuser and hit me, sometimes even pushing me down stairs. One would wonder why I would continue to accept this sort of abuse, I can’t even explain it. I lost my first pregnancy with him after he beat me and then he told family and friends that I moved furniture and that was the reason why. He continued to push, shove, slap, punch and hit me for 33 years of marriage. I finally divorced him after that long period of time. I was finally free of him but not of the pain and doubt I had about myself. I never blamed God, and thought I could help others by being empathetic and caring. Which I was, but of course I still was not bringing healing to my hurts. I certainly did not want to carry these skeletons around any longer. I watched one of your first appearances on GOD TV. I prayed with you for healing the trauma and for excellence of soul. After several days I felt a conviction in my spirit that I was being freed of these spirits that had been in my life for over 5 decades. I started to clear out my house of past mementos, pictures, books and anything you could think of that I was saving or holding on to. After I was finished (it took about 10 days) I had about 40 boxes and bags of the past ready to be thrown away. While praying one night the Holy Spirit showed me that I was suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome. It took the Great Counselor to diagnose my problem. I have decided to move from Pennsylvania. I will no longer have to be a part of the “forces” which I feel were so attracted to me here. I am moving to Tennessee. Needless to say, everyone I have shared this with tells me I am crazy and making a mistake. I know this is the right move for me and can’t wait to start a new life for myself. My brother and sister both think I am losing my mind and making a big mistake. Explaining any of this to them would be fruitless. I am free from the pervasive feeling of something being wrong with me. I can’t wait to start the new chapter in my life. I will continue to watch you on TV. God bless you and your ministry. Sincerely,”  -JB

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