Started Something Only God Can Help Me Finish

I lived a life much like Katie describes in The Key to your Expected End. Cooked and sold drugs for many years. A year ago I was convicted of distribution and trafficking. On March 20th 2019 I got picked up for Probation Violation. My P.O. had all rights to send me to prison for 5 years and my wife for 10.  Five days before court, I knew copy of Katie’s Captivity Series (untouched and unclaimed) was sitting in the day room. I picked it up and started reading…I mean REALLY reading it. It changed my life! By the grace of God, I only got a 90 revocation from my probation. I have been out now for  two weeks, my wife for three.  We are both working and our family has taken us back into their graces.  A place to live is kind of an issue but we are camping in the state parks for now, which is Good.  My wife and I enjoy camping and it is giving us time to reconnect with each other. God has changed so much about me in the last four months. I was a club riding, drug dealing, biker… much like Katie has so many stories of envolment. The anger is gone, the desire for drugs and drinking is gone, and I’ve even given up my bikes.  I am currently taking some ministry courses online now to tell my story and minister to troubled youth and groups to hopefully prevent others from needing a prison ministry such as Katie’s to reach them. I dont know where I’d be right now if it wasnt for reading her book, but it helped me start something that only God can help me finish. He has already done so much for me the last three weeks I can’t even begin to write it all here. GOD BLESS YOU, THROUGH YOU GOD CHANGED MY WHOLE LIFE THAT DAY I WILL NEVER FORGET APRIL 5 2019. -A.M

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