Spiritual Battle

This will be a condensed story. In 2016 I began a long journey with “gut issues”. Never sick in my life then all of a sudden it’s one thing after another. Ended up with Reflux, leaky gut, and this year a parasite (YUKE!!). In June of this year I was diagnosed with the parasite. That was it!!! I told my husband this has become a spiritual battle. We are involved with Ian Clayton and Grant Sam Mahoney (THE NEST). So it so easy to take Katie’s teachings and apply them. A friend gave me a teaching of Katie’s this year and I decided to start with getting my soul and body healed. NOW, I was also battling this in the physical. Totally changed my eating habits and I am still seeing a holistic person. So here is the spiritual journey. In June, We began having communion every night and still are doing that. The Ascending teaching TOTALLY has become a way of LIFE for us. I immediately started ascending and God began to show me soul wounds and I started LONG times of soaking, EVERY DAY!!!! I had several visions that the Glory Light of Jesus could not get in and I had to deal with that first. Then stated having visions of His Light being able to get in!!! All the while dealing with my soul. This began in June and in August went in for a check up and was not better. I knew because the symptoms were still there. Although I was having some good days. THEN A MIRACLE!!!!!!! THIS WAS AWESOME!!! On Sunday Sept. 3rd, 2017, day before labor day I went in our prayer room that evening to soak, listening to Katie’s soaking sessions. ( Let me just say this, I had received a prophetic word while listening the Nancy Coen that I would move out of my day of LABOR and into my day of destiny, not even connecting that Labor Day would be my miracle day. God is AWESOME!) Back to soaking. I’m soaking that Sunday night when (IN THE SPIRIT REALM) two women enter my prayer room. Seriously I said this!!! “HELLO, I’m soaking”. Like why are you here. Makes NO SENSE now but, at the time I guess I was in the spirit and it seemed normal.????? That’s all I can figure out. The two women came over and prayed over me. I couldn’t hear anything they prayed BUT THE LIGHT OF JESUS came into me and I immediately traveled in the Spirit Realm. ALSO my hands drew in, like electricity went through my body. I saw someone in heaven that had died and I traveled to another state and talked to someone I knew. Day after Labor Day all symptoms were gone!!!!!! I went back for a recheck and GOT a perfect report!!!! Also, we had the opportunity to see Katie in Tampa in August and that was so awesome! Katie also had a word for “gut” issues then and I received it!! I still ascend and soak. Now ascending for others and teaching others about how to get healing through soaking! THANKS KATIE!!!!!! Can’t wait to see you again. -S. F.

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