Speak Light Into Your Life

Lesson 22

Today we are going to activate into healing wounds that were created by trauma. Last week we talked about how trauma wounds our souls and causes all kinds of diseases (remember poor Job). We heal these wounds with the same two things we used to heal the wounds that were made by sin…the blood from the cross of Christ and Dunamis a power that comes through the resurrection!

First, we repent for our ancestors, because wounds from trauma can be passed down through the generations. We also repent for our reaction to traumatic events. Places and objects can carry memories attached to a trauma you have had in your past. Here are two examples; you lived in Florida and got a divorce 15 years ago and you were emotionally wounded. Whenever you go there you can feel the weight of the memory associated with that place. Or, you had a horrible car accident on the I-10 freeway in Phoenix and every time you drive past that location you feel the effect of that trauma.

As you read through these steps, I want you to actually pause and do the activations as you read along. So, let’s start by focusing on Christ’s blood and believe that the blood is flowing through you and your family line to bring healing to every trauma that has ever wounded your soul. We are not through yet! Now we need to partake of the power (or Dunamis) that comes through the resurrection.

So, now decree that Dunamis is healing you of every wound that comes from trauma. Allow God to show you which trauma He wants to work on right now! Did you get a revelation that you didn’t expect? Holy Spirit will show us old traumas that we don’t even realize are still wounding our soul so we can repent!

Begin speaking out loud; you must open your mouth. Your mouth is the gate that allows the light to come as you begin decreeing scriptures of healing, wellness, and wholeness over your body and soul right now. Use your faith to believe that as you speak, you’re releasing light from your spirit man. Light is going into your home, soul, physical body, and into everything around you.

We decree healing over ourselves right now. Lord, You send Your Word and You heal us. No weapon formed against us will prosper. We are the head and not the tail. We are above and not below. Bless, the Lord, oh my soul, Who heals all our iniquities and drives out all our diseases. We decree freedom right now over ourselves. We decree excellence in our soul and body.

Stir yourself up, speak to your soul and body. Release the light that’s in your spirit man. Christ lives in you. Decree a thing and it will be established because the light will shine upon your ways. Use your voice to shed forth light. Now say, “Amen.”

Next, I want you to get quiet and ask the Lord for the name of a person you’re supposed to speak and decree light and healing over. Somebody who needs a healing, who’s either wounded in their soul, physical body, or they’re having financial problems. Just get quiet right now. Don’t pray for somebody you think you’re supposed to pray for. Let Holy Spirit tell you who it is.

Now, begin speaking decrees over them. Decree a thing and let it be established because the light will shine upon your ways. Decree healing for their soul and body, and breakthrough in their finances and in their families. Believe that as you’re speaking, light is literally going to them at 186,000 miles per second. Keep that person in your mind, they can be anywhere – in another state or country – but speak healing decrees over them; and have faith that the light of Christ that is in you is being released this very moment.

If you’re not speaking, you’re not doing the activation. You have to open your mouth. The word ‘voice’ means to shine forth light. That person’s life is being changed right now by your decrees. You’re sending them light right now. Remember, the Son of Righteousness arises on us with healing in His wings and His beams of light. Now, say, “Amen.”

I had someone call me, “I’m haunted by a memory of the bus ride to school every morning when I was a child. The boys on the bus would attack me. Whenever my mother would want to put me in a dress, I would scream and cry because I knew that would make it easier for them.” This went on for over a year and she said there was not one single day that she had not suffered from that memory. I said, “Let’s do an experiment, do you believe light travels at 186,000 miles per second?” She replied, “Of course I do.” I said, “Do you believe that if I yoked your faith with mine, I could speak and release the light of Christ and it would travel to you at that speed and you could get healed of that wound in your soul?” For 15 minutes a day, I spoke healing decrees over her soul. This woman used to dream of this attack every night. After two days, the dreams were gone and have not come back since!

Put your faith on it, you can speak decrees from anywhere. You can be in your shower decreeing healing over someone in Africa and a miracle will happen. You can be used for the kingdom everywhere you go. You could be in your car and by the time you get to work you could heal, save, restore, and deliver twelve people just by speaking out decrees!

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  • Sharon

    Thank you for blessing me with these words. May God abundantly bless you!

  • Cheree Jaa

    Hey Katie!!
    I know God has called me into His ministry; I know I am called to reach the “outcasts” … last October, thru a miracle from God (I had no income & had lost my business & much more), I traveled alone from Memphis to Los Angeles to the Dream Center where I volunteered; I visited Skid Row for the first time… I have never witnessed anything like it in my whole life; the first time I went & left, I was literally in shock…. but it touched me in such an enormous way & stirred my heart even more to serve God & to reach people like this…. I could go into so much detail, but I know there’s not enough space here…. I have been trying to get where I believe God has been leading me for such a very long time… I have tried everything I know, prayed, believed, cried on my face before God & even reached out to many people as I felt I should without what seems like much results___ I am desperate for God & His guidance & to be where I am supposed to be… I believe it’s in California; I felt to send this to you just hoping & praying that this might help. I saw you a few years ago on tv & felt such an anointing on you & your ministry. I know God has something great for me, too, Katie… to win lost souls for His Kingdom… it’s my greatest desire…. I just don’t know what to do next; I found a way to go back to LA & while I was there I found a home/property for $237,000 that needs a lot of repair but I believe it’s mine!!! It’s going to take a huge miracle! Katie, pleez pray for me… I would love to hear anything the Holy Spirit lays upon your heart! I bless you & your ministry & thank you for giving me this opportunity! Love & prayers Cheree

  • Leah

    Hi Katie,
    One of the examples you gave about living in Florida and divorce was right on for me. I couldn’t go back to that town where I lived without all that emotional stuff and painful memories coming back up. When I started watching you on TV and you were teaching about the wounds of the past, I had asked the Lord to show me what wounds where there and sure enough… it came up about that town. I have now been free of all that by getting my soul healed. I have been attending church in that town and seeing people I knew from that time I lived there and all that pain and bad memories are gone. Maybe this can help someone reading this. It’s so true what she is saying. We are so blessed to have you teach on the soul because really I have not heard much from other preachers talk about it. It’s definitely the real deal. Blessings and much love

  • Rosemary Hoskings

    Hi Katie, could I pray for someone, who doesn’t yet know the Lord, in the way you describe in this blog or would the prayer need to be different as their spirit is not yet filled with dumanis? Thank you. Blessings to you and your wonderful team. Rosemary

    • Robert Souza


  • Stephanie

    Hi Katie I would like prayer to heal my body of a skin condition I have tried everything I believe God will heal my body I will begin to decree and declare Gods word over my body and I also need my tooth to be healed I have an infection. Thank you In Jesus name I claim my healing!!!

  • Uloma

    I’m greatly blessed with this message. Thank you Katie and Roberts.

  • L. Tillman

    Love the teaching. This is awesome. I’m happy that I’ve found your Holy Ghost journal entries.
    Praise God. I’m looking for the Sons of Light teach. Please share the link.

    • Team Katie


      I’m so glad to hear you liked the teaching. We share these entries for people like you who want to hear the powerful revelations God gave Katie while she was incarcerated so that you may be healed and set free in every aspect of your life just as she was.

      If you’d like to get the Sons of the Light teach, you can do so by going to the following link: https://katiesouza.thinkific.com/courses/copy-of-Sons-of-the-Light

      God bless

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