Lesson 3

I have lived out the revelation of dwelling among the tombs and I am going to share with you how soul wounds work.

In Oklahoma I had a dream that I was cooking methamphetamines. However, I haven’t done that for over a decade. God talks to us through our dreams and visions and I believe that He was showing me a big wound that had been formed in my soul from when I manufactured meth. I didn’t know why He was telling me at that particular moment, but by faith and obedience I moved on it. I repented for making meth and applied the blood of Jesus to the sin. Then I began to apply dunamis power to the wounds that sin had made. It took just fifteen minutes to get healed!

Later, with my spiritual senses, I smelled chemicals that are used in cooking meth when I walked into the room I was to minister in. So, I spoke to the woman who was hosting the meeting, “I had a dream last night about cooking meth and now I can smell those chemicals. Do you know anything about that?” She said, “Yes – when we were first renting this building, we were told that this room had been used for a methamphetamine lab.”

This is a whole new way to take dominion over the enemy! I needed dominion in that place. I could not have anything in my soul that was in common with demonic powers over that room, or I would not have the authority to do what I needed to do. So God showed me the wound in my soul, created by sin, which was attached to the demonic over that room; I got dominion and signs and wonders broke out!

You’ve been praying for your child and wondering why you have not been getting breakthrough. It’s because they wounded your soul. They wounded your soul and you wounded theirs!! There are demonic powers attached to those wounds that you both have in common. You are trying to kick that demon off of them and that demon is standing back going, “Oh, good luck with that! I’m on both of you!!” You need to get your soul healed first.

The healing of your soul is directly connected to healing in your physical body and in your finances. “Beloved, I wish above all things that you may prosper (there’s your finances) and be in health (there’s your body), even as thy soul prospereth.” 3 John 2 (KJV). Where is the miracle that you have been waiting for in your money? It’s stored up in Heaven and it is going to come when you get your soul healed, because the wounds on your soul control every part of your being – your mind, your will and your emotions. If you got the blessing right now, soul wounds would control the way you think about the blessing and would control your emotions causing you to act fleshly and emotional. They would control your will – your ability to choose to do the right thing with the blessing. Also, the healing of your soul is directly connected to your physical health. Back-aches, neck-aches, diseases – all kinds of health issues- can manifest because there are wounds on our soul.

My first time in Virginia, I got sick with a temperature of 103 degrees. I got bladder and yeast infections, a headache, and a sore throat (I couldn’t think and could barely talk). By the time I got to the pastor’s home, I was overcome. In the past I would have made furious war with the enemy, but now I know that if I get sick that quickly, I have a wound in my soul that is in common with the demonic powers over that region. Instead of warring, which makes me tired, frustrated, and confused about why it’s not working, I began to apply the blood of Jesus and Dunamis power to my soul to get my healing.

I had a vision of God leading me to five closets in five different rooms. God said, “There are wounded parts of you hiding in the closets.” I pulled my wounded self out of the closet and went into another room and pulled another wounded “me” out until I got all five out and they were all together. Then I saw Jesus put His glory and His light all around them and they were instantly healed. Once those wounded parts were healed, I could make war. As I fought against this demonic power, it came up and spoke to me. I recognized the demonic force; it was Legion! I had been living among the tombs! Legion was the biggest demon I had dealt with in the natural that actually manifested in front of my face. He spoke to me in a voice that was very loud. He said, “WHAT DO YOU WANT?!?” And I said, “IN THE NAME OF JESUS GET OUT!!!” I felt it rip off of my body and I was instantly healed. Legion is a big demon, but he came off that easily because I had already gotten my tombs (the wounds in my soul) healed!

Next time I will be talking more about a power that accelerates soul healing and why it is so desperately needed in our world today

Dwelling Among the Tombs

This is Part 2 of Katie’s 4 Part series on Binding the Strongman, specifically the Spirit of Legion. What’s the deal with legion? The Bible talks about the man with the spirit of legion that ground down his chains and ran around naked, beating, bruising and cutting himself. Okay…but what does that have to do with us today? Did you know that if you are suffering from chronic conditions or bouts of the flu, bacterial infections, viruses, sicknesses, mental disorders–all kinds of goopy and gross conditions–they may be on you from the demonic spirit of legion.

The good news is, when you get healed of those wounds connected to legion, the enemy has no more legal right to torment you and HAS to GO!

In this episode, Katie will walk you through all kinds of scriptures, examples, prayers and practical steps you can take, right in your own home, to get free from legion and see your breakthrough.

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