Soul Health

Lesson 12

We studied Mark 9:47-50 last week and found that Christ was totally speaking about the wounded soul in that passage about plucking out our eye! When the soul is wounded by sin or trauma, it can cause sickness. To prove that, this week we will look at Micah 6 and Luke 5 and 7 (AMPC).

Micah 6:13 says, “Therefore I have smitten you with a deadly wound and made you sick because of your sin.” God was talking to Israel at this time, and they had been in sin. They had rebelled against him continually, and he was telling them that their rebellion, their sin, had wounded them. Sin had stricken them with a deadly wound, and now that wound was making them sick.

Remember, whatever is happening in the soul affects the physical body. 3 John 1, “You’ll be prospered and be in health, even as your soul is prospered.” Here, God was saying when they sinned it wounded them, and made them physically sick. There is no limit to what that is. Bacteria, virus’, bone and joint issues, cancer, could all be coming upon your physical body because of what is in your soul! We need to start learning about our soul because when we do, and we start getting soul health, we will prosper and be in health even as the soul man is prospered.

When Jesus was here on planet Earth he was ministering healing to people that had wounds in their souls. Remember how he did all those miracles in people’s physical bodies? Did you realize that many times those people that had physical ailments were sick in their body because they were wounded in their soul?

I’ll just give you a couple of simple examples. Luke 5:15 (AMPC) says this, “But so much the more the news spread abroad concerning Him, and great crowds kept coming together to hear [Him] and to be healed by Him of their infirmities.” People with infirmities, various diseases and disorders, came to be healed by Jesus. The people that came to see Jesus that day to get healing in their physical body, had a disease or disorder in their bodies, because they had a wound in their soul. How do I know? I looked up the word “infirmities” as found in that verse in the King James Version. That word “infirmities” according to the Strong’s means this in the Greek: “Weakness and infirmity of the body and of the soul.” See, those particular people that came that day were wounded in their soul, and that’s what was making their physical bodies sick.

There are many different words in the Bible that describe the ailments from which people suffer. Some of them had plagues, and some had disease, however when you look up these different words, they don’t have any reference in their etymology that connects to the soul. The word “infirmity” does. When you read the word “infirmity” in the Bible now, you will know that the person who is sick with a disease or disorder is in that condition because their soul is wounded. When we just do a little bit of simple study, we can find out what’s going on behind the scenes!

The same thing happened in Luke 7:21 “He cured many of their infirmities and plagues.” You see there two different words, infirmities and plagues, meaning some of the people were sick because they had an infirmity in their soul that was making their body sick while other people were sick because they were suffering some sort of a plague. That word “plague” doesn’t have anything in its meaning that connects to the soul. Sometimes people are sick because they’re just sick, but sometimes people are sick because they are wounded, and it has caused their physical disorder to come about.

This is important for you to know because now you can begin to understand that you have to do more praying for the soul. You know why I say, “More praying?” Because I believe as time has gone on that the peeps on this planet have become more wounded, and there are more people with infirmities than ever before. The generations have passed and all of the trauma and massive sin that our world has been through, has been passed down through the generations. I believe that many people are sick and infirmed in their physical bodies because they’re infirmed in their souls. We’ve got to know how to heal the soul. Do you remember the last time you prayed for somebody to get well and you prayed for their soul to be healed? We don’t. We command diseases to bow. We command legs to grow out and cancer to die. When you begin learning how to pray for someone’s wounded soul, you’re going to see they will prosper and be in health even as their soul prospers!

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  • Lael

    Please help! My children and I have scoliosis, and I need a new hip, my left leg is almost 1 inch shorter… Bone health in general.

    Two children with learning disabilities. Have a leave both of these are from wounded souls from my bloodline and their father. I believe we need to be loosed from and infirmity, or a spirit, but I do not know what I am dealing with.

    I have prayed and decreed for a couple years for soul healing. I do not know what else to do. I am in a lot of discomfort and mobility can’t be challenging.

    Thank you for your teachings, they have been life-changing.

    In Christ

  • Rene Camacho

    Thank you Katie;
    Thank you for your Revelations concerning our wounded souls. I dvr you and watch you every week. I got late to your Norwalk engagement. Some how I got the time mixed up. Anyways; I want to start partnering with you with $30 a month each 30th of the month. Please pray for my wounded soul. Please pray for me to receive impartation, so that I may give GOD the GLORY as our Bible studies prepares to go out and pray for wounded souls. I have diabetes. Please pray for me. GOD bless you and your​ husband and your​ministry. Rene.

    • Tania Case

      Katie….love this food you serve up…it’s nourishing!

  • Pat orr

    Thank. U for ur blogs & faithfulness to the Body of Christ & our Lord. Wood appreciate prayer & standing in agreement 4 total Restoration of left shoulder in back from melanoma. Have my sins repented of & asked the Lord to convict me of any of omission or commission. & Walking in faith & luv. Want total manifested healing. Am declining Drs report & surgery requests & believed & speaking gods report of being healed 2000 yrs ago @ Calvary. I believe the ultimate physicians report, which is above any Iman report. Tx 4 standing/ me & feel free to minister to me of led by the h.spirit. am desperate.

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