Soul Decrees Lesson 39

Now that you have completed this course Soul Decrees 101, I hope you agree with my opening statement, “It is small but mighty.”
If you know my story, you know that I spent most of my life learning lessons the hard way. I repeated the same mistakes early and often, expecting better results every time, the classic definition of insanity, they say.

After one of my “adventures” went painfully wrong, landing me in federal prison, I faced a long sentence and a major decision. My way was clearly not working. Was there a better way? The answer came in a book I had never read and, up until that point, had never even been a curiosity for me. But, I had plenty of time, and I had a King James Bible. As I read this ancient text, I found my life revealed, page by page. It is impossible for me to describe the way that book immediately and forever gripped my heart. I accepted Jesus and my life spun 180 degrees at that very moment. I went from hurting people to hurting for them. I needed desperately to make a difference for God.

The revelations you just read, and the decrees that emanated from them, are the result of untold hours of research and time spent in the presence of God’s Holy Spirit. During those hours, days and weeks, I felt a compelling drive to learn why, though I tried so hard to live righteously, I still suffered in my body, my relationships, my finances and my emotions. Most of the sincere, God-fearing people around me seemed caught in the same cycle. “Why, God?” I cried. “We are your children. We are royalty and joint heirs with Christ! Why are we living beneath your promises? Why do we seek You but so seldom find You?!”

And God, in His infinite wisdom and patience, began to impart to me scripture upon scripture, precept upon precept. “Jesus saves and perfects the spirit immediately, but the soul … the soul … that custodian of every experience good and bad throughout the generations. … the soul takes longer.”

We have included a downloadable version of my book Soul Decrees, which this course was created from. I challenge you to use this little book as a reference tool. Depending on what is happening in your life, some chapters may resonate stronger than others. Bookmark those pages that speak to you and state those decrees every day. You will begin to see a positive difference in your life. And, please don’t despair if it does not happen overnight. It has taken a very long time to get where you are today, so keep working on your soul and rejoice in every victory.

God has done amazing miracles in my life and He, being no respecter of persons, will do the same for you. I am confident of that.

In the Father’s love,


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