Soul Decrees Lesson 35

The fifth chapter of Mark tells of Jesus’ encounter with a demon-possessed man who lived among tombstones. The man, who was possessed by many demons, was so wild that “no one could bind him anymore, not even with a chain.” (Mark 5:3, NIV)
Of course, the demons were no match for Jesus. He cast them out and they entered into a herd of pigs, which ran into the Sea of Galilee and drowned. I’m sure you’re familiar with the story. But what you may not realize is that this man was living the same kind of life that far too many believers experience. They, too, are living among the tombs.

You see, I believe the tombstones in that ancient burial ground were symbolic of the tombs or markers we erect in our own lives because of traumas we’ve suffered. For example:

That person betrayed me after I trusted her, so I’m going to erect a tombstone. This other person insulted me, so here is another tombstone. My mother always favored my sister over me, so let me put a tombstone there as well. I was in a severe car accident and I will never get over the trauma I went through.

If we keep focusing and replaying painful events in our lives, pretty soon, we’re trapped among those tombs, totally unable to live the powerful, dynamic sort of life God wants for us.

What do we do? First, we’ve got to tear down the tombstones. They don’t serve any purpose except to make us miserable, broke and physically sick. They hold us back because they are monuments to our disappointment and shame. However, the cross and resurrection of Jesus Christ can obliterate them.

Second, we must get out of the tombstone-building business. Whatever happens, let it go! Whether it is sickness, financial setback, disappointment, divorce or any other thing – for the sake of your own spiritual health and well-being, refuse to build a monument in your soul.


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