Soul Decrees Lesson 23

Miracles happen when you are full of grace! In Acts 6:8 it says, “Now Stephen, full of grace (divine blessing and favor) and power (strength and ability) worked great wonders and signs (miracles) among the people” (emphasis added).
Wow! Because Stephen was full of grace and power, he could work great wonders, signs and miracles among the people. What does it mean to be full of grace? When I looked up the word “full” in the Strong’s, I almost jumped out of my skin! It means, to be “thoroughly permeated in the soul.” Stephen understood grace so much that he was full of grace. Literally, his soul was saturated with grace and it was doing what grace does; keeping his soul, strengthening his soul, increasing his soul, causing his soul to be controlled by Christian virtues. No wonder he could do so many miracles! he was thoroughly permeated in his soul with the power of grace!

As you saturate yourself with the word of grace, you’ll become like Stephen, full of grace. As your soul gets permeated with grace, you’ll start to see physical miracles happening, just like he did!

Listen to the grace word preached, meditate on it and decree it. Your faith will grow to receive even more grace. As that faith rises up in you, then grace will be released even more into your soul and every area of your life!

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