Soaking and Activation Lesson 2

Step #1
Ask the Holy Spirit to tell you which soaker, teaching, or scripture you should soak to and then pray along with it until you fall asleep. By doing this you come into agreement with the Word so that it can produce even more healing.
Even after you fall asleep, the Word on these discs will keep working for you. We had a woman report that after she fell asleep, she suddenly woke up as she felt the Lord pull a demon spirit off of her. That’s when she realized that I was simultaneously commanding the enemy to leave in the name of Jesus!

But that’s just part of what the Word will do. Every decree I pray over you on these discs will produce what the Word says it will even while you sleep. Look at this amazing Scripture from Isaiah 61:11 (AMPC): “For as [surely as] the earth brings forth its shoots, and as a garden causes what is sown in it to spring forth, so [surely] the Lord God will cause rightness and justice and praise to spring forth before all the nations [through the self-fulfilling power of His word].” The word has self-fulfilling power!

Righteousness and justice will spring up for you while you soak to the Scriptures on these discs as you repeat them, and even while you are asleep.

Step #2

When I soak to a disc, I like to stick with the same one for a while so the decrees can really get down inside of me. Each night I start a disc in a different section so that I can pray with each scripture before falling asleep. As I do this I get so filled with those scriptures that no matter what situation or emergency I face, the Word will just come pouring out of me.

If you do the same, you’ll quickly have the whole disc memorized. Then even when you don’t have access to the recordings, you will be so filled with the Scriptures, that in every situation you face the Word will just come pouring out of you to totally defeat those problems!

Step #3

During your soaks, you will find that your dreams and visions will multiply exponentially as the Word breaks through the resistance in your inner man. Make sure you journal what you see as God leads you to a problem in your soul, then through that issue to total victory. Look up everything that you see and get ready to be amazed as God shows you all the things in your life that His word is digging up and healing.

Step #4

Never think that you are totally done with a soaking disc. Once it heals some layers in your soul, move on to another soaker, and let it do its work. However, I always find that as seasons go by, God will lead me back to previous soakers, and they will take on a whole new level of power to be able to go even deeper into your soul.

Through these simple steps, I have gone from being a totally wounded, overrun, and devastated human being to a daughter of God serving in freedom and power! As you receive the power of the Word in your soul, you will be next!

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