Lesson 15

Another way to position yourself to go up is to allow yourself to go into a deep sleep or what the Bible calls a ‘trance’. Now, before you start taking out your stones, I will prove to you that “trance” is a biblical term and that it positions you for a mighty encounter with God.

The word ‘trance’ means ‘a half-conscious state seemingly between sleeping and waking in which the ability to function voluntarily may be suspended.’ In Genesis 2, God caused Adam to go into a ‘deep sleep’. In the Hebrew text that means ‘trance’. While he was in that trance, God did surgery on him. God opened up his body, took out a rib, and created Eve. That was a big encounter! “I went into a trance and got a wife!” We wish it were that easy!

In Genesis 15, it says when God was cutting a covenant with Abraham to give his descendants the land of Canaan, God put Abraham into a ‘deep sleep’ or trance. A smoking pot and fiery torch came down and God spoke amazing promises over Abraham!

Paul went into a trance in Acts 22:17-18 (AMPC) “Then when I had come back to Jerusalem and was praying in the temple [enclosure], I fell into a trance (an ecstasy); And I saw Him as He said to me, Hurry, get quickly out of Jerusalem, because they will not receive your testimony about Me.” Paul was taken into a trance, and during it he received a very clear vision.

If you do not have a clear ‘seer’ gift and want more, one of the best ways is to let yourself go into that deep sleep. One of the best ways to activate your ‘seer’ vision when you ascend is to let yourself be pulled into a trance. In Acts 10:9-16 (AMPC) Peter was on a rooftop. He was very hungry and was waiting for the meal to be prepared below, “and a trance came over him.” Verse 11 says, “And he saw the sky opened and something like a great sheet lowered by the four corners, descending to the Earth.” It contained quadrupeds, creeping things, and birds of the air. There came a voice that told him to rise up, kill and eat. But Peter told God no, for he had never eaten anything that was unclean and unhallowed. A voice came again and said that what God has cleansed and pronounced clean, do not you defile and profane by regarding it unclean. This occurred three times then immediately the sheet was taken up into Heaven.

I believe Peter was ascended because the scripture says the Heavens were opened and he saw clear visions. He was first taken into a deep sleep or trance, which enabled him to be positioned physically to receive this amazing encounter with God. Gentiles were grafted into the olive tree (Christ) because of this encounter, which affected millions of people.

You will know that you are going into a trance because you will feel a strong pull to go to sleep. You may feel a heaviness come over you, because the Glory, ‘kabod’, in Hebrew means heavy or weighty. Don’t fight it or think you are sinning. God is taking you into a trance so you can see and hear Him better!

So, here’s how I do it. I pray in tongues, keeping my focus on God so that my time is fruitful. Then, I position myself to ascend so I can go into that deep sleep. I keep my journal and pen next to me. I wash myself in the blood of Jesus. Then, I make decrees that I have a legal right to go up because I am seated in the heavenly realms in Christ and am a citizen of Heaven. I activate my faith to go up, “I’m going up, up, up.” Then I snore! Suddenly, I will begin seeing things. Most of the time I am not just flying around Heaven; I see pictures, like video shorts, of people doing things.

What I have trained myself to do is to wake up and write down what I saw…“I was stepping into a shower, I turned on the water and the Glory fell in the shower. I’m getting cleansed right now.” When I am finished writing, I let myself go back into that place again. “I’m still up in Heaven, show me the next thing that You have for me in Heaven.” I go back into a deep sleep and then another picture or video clip comes. I wake myself up and write it down. I will do that for as long as my schedule will permit (the longer the better). I’ve got pages and pages.

Next time I will explain to you how I interact with my visions. Don’t miss out. It’s going to change the way you soak and activate!

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