Lesson 14

When I was in the middle of the storm of losing my dad, I was tempted to ask, “God, are you trying to punish me for some reason?” We’ve all had these thoughts, “God’s punishing me because I’ve done something I don’t know about.” No, God sent his only son to die for you. Why would He punish you for something that you can’t even remember? It’s a demon.

So, check this out. For months, I was getting wise to Legion and his schemes, and the storm was leading up to a special event that I had scheduled in Virginia – the first place I had ever battled toe-to-toe with Legion in public. Virginia has a heavy presence of Legion, because it’s right next door to Washington DC, which is filled with Legion.

The night before I was to leave, I got the worst bladder infection I’ve ever had in my life. I hadn’t had a bladder infection in years, but Legion was ramping up the storm to wound me. Remember, if Legion can’t stop you from going to the region of the Gerasenes, he’ll wound you so badly that by the time you get there, you won’t have any power over him. Instead, he’ll have power over you, because you’ll be dwelling among tombs.

I prayed my butt off the whole night, and experienced different layers of wounding coming off of me. That’s when I started to see that this attack was demonically created to stop me from getting to Virginia, or wound me so I’d be ineffective by the time I got there. I remembered the times I was in the plane ready to go to an event, and the phone would ring to tell me yet another problem had arisen with dad. Then, I remembered how the people at the bank treated me. Even though I’m now a respected member of society, I was treated like the low-life I used to be on the streets. Just as Satan controlled the Sabeans and Chaldeans, and enticed them to go and steal all of Job’s herds, and kill his servants and children, Legion had enticed the people at the bank to make an accusation against me, and refuse to cooperate with me to help my dad.

It was a battle in Virginia, but the people heard this revelation and were so blessed. They said they had never heard anything like this before and are now forming a pastor’s committee to teach this revelation to other churches. They’re begging us to come back. So, we battled our way through the conference and when I got home, everything had shifted. When I got healed of the wounds from the storm, the enemy didn’t have any more power to continue to create the storm!

A few days after I was home, I got a call from the insurance folks telling me that my father was now qualified for long term insurance. I wondered, “How can that be? They did not get the documents that they asked me for that were absolutely necessary to have him qualified, because the bank wouldn’t help me.”

See what happens? When you make it through the storm and don’t let it stop you or wound you, or when you get healed of the wounds you got in the storm, then the breakthrough comes! Dad got his insurance, then hospice, and ACCESS helped him every day of the week! Then my assistant, Maria called me, “My daughter doesn’t live in the house now, and I feel like Jack is supposed to come here.” I was so grateful! We had dad moved from the dingy place he was in, to Maria’s in about five hours. Now my prayer was, “God, please totally heal him, or take him quickly to heaven.” Two weeks later, he went to be with the Lord.

So, how do you handle these storms? First, you have to recognize the source of the storm. I have to say it again. Stop thinking God is putting a storm on you, because you did something wrong, or He’s trying to test you. There’s enough tests in this world, without God creating a test. The enemy creates a test, and the Lord lets us walk through it with Him by our side. Why is it important to recognize the source? Because if you don’t, you’ll blame God. You’ll think, “God, you don’t care! You see all this stuff I’m going through and you’re just watching it. I know you see it, God. How come you’re not rebuking the storm, God?”

Remember what the disciple said in the middle of the storm? Jesus was asleep, and he said, “Do you not care that we’re perishing?” The enemy loves when we think God doesn’t care. Jesus was asleep in the storm. He’s showing us, you can’t have total dominion over any storm that you can’t sleep through. If you are not at peace in the storm, then you’re allowing the storm to wound you. You’re allowing the storm to make you oppressed, depressed, anxious, upset, and bitter.
Next week, we will do more activating into what you have already learned. Don’t miss out!

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