Sign of the Breakthrough

Katie, Just wanted to share what happened to me today. I listened to your 1000 fold blessing last week, and then decided to stretch my faith for the 1000 fold blessing for myself. We have $95,000 in debt, including our mortgage. I sowed a seed of $95.00 into your ministry last Thursday, believing for my blessing. The next day, I was praying and said, ” Lord, I want to thank you for my 1000 fold blessing, but I will need a reminder. It would be awesome if you would give me the 1:11 sign, like you did to Katie.” I have not noticed any thing for the last few days, then this morning I went into the bathroom and got on the scale, and the scale read 111 lbs. I am about 120lbs away from 111 lbs. (I will be listening to your weigh loss lessons next). I have been praising God all day for the sign of the breakthrough in my finances and wanted to thank you for your lessons on this. Can wait to see what other breakthroughs come from listening to your lessons!  -A. M.

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