Lesson 6

I was in Oklahoma staying with a family of wheat farmers that had lost their harvest for the previous five years! The Lord began to minister a prophetic word to me. He told me this year their harvest would receive the blessings that are in Leviticus 25:10. Upon hearing that, another farmer said, “It’s true, because this year the stalks of wheat have what is called ‘extra greens in the mash’. There are a lot of extra greens that have grown up on the stalk, so if we can actually get the harvest, we are going to have a multiplied harvest come in!”

A couple of days before the harvest, a huge storm with sixty mile an hour winds and torrential rain was predicted. We heard on the radio that hail was16 miles from us. Wheat farmers hate too much rain because it lays the wheat down and it won’t stand back up so they can’t harvest it. They also hate hail because it will beat the wheat grain off the stalk. We were out in the back rebuking the storm by telling it to be still in Jesus name. We were going at it but nothing happened! Suddenly the Lord interrupted, “Why are you doing it from down here? Go up and find out what is going on in the Second Heaven and get the victory!”

I excused myself, went into the bedroom and said, “OK Lord, I put the Blood of Jesus on my sin, remove anything that would hinder me from going up!” And I laid down and BAM! I went up.

An assignment from the enemy was causing the storm. There were two dragons – one black and one red. Later, I looked up the meaning of those two colors. The word ‘red’ means ‘to be in the red’ to owe or be indebted. The word ‘black’ can mean an ‘area blackened with drought’. After five years, this assignment from the enemy was about to happen to them again and to cause them to ‘be in the red’ and to be in an area blackened with drought. It was demonic – so much work to till, plant and tend and in the end they had lost their harvests. They ended up mortgaging their land and were ‘in the red’ and were now in an area ‘blackened’ with drought.

I began engaging these beasts and I looked down and I had a sword in my hand. I didn’t ask for a sword; when you are in the spirit realm you have everything you need. I took two swipes at the first dragon and it went backwards smashing down to the ground. Then I took a slice at the other huge dragon and he went down. One slice – that’s all it took. When you are in the realm of the spirit, you have major authority and nothing can stop you.

On my way back down to earth I saw a vision of the fields perfectly dried, golden, and ready for harvest. I also saw a huge, golden Liberty Bell sitting in the middle of a field. Those farmers harvested that year!

Three days later, our hostess called, “I’ve been doing some research on the Liberty Bell. Did you know there was a verse from scripture on it?”

The Liberty Bell inscription
Proclaim LIBERTY throughout all the Land unto all the Inhabitants thereof Lev. XXV X (Leviticus 25:10) By Order of the ASSEMBLY of the Province of PENSYLVANIA [sic] for the State House in Philadelphia

Pass and Stow

At another meeting in Oklahoma I asked the Lord, “What’s going on in this realm?” I like to know in case I need to deal with anything before I minister. He showed me a vision of two witches that had their backs to me. They didn’t know I was there. One was standing at the east and the other was standing at the west. God told me, “They travel together.” “Do you know anything about two witches that travel together?” I asked my hostess. She replied, “Yes, two of the most powerful witchcraft covens are here in this area and they travel together from east to west, back and forth.”

So, I went into my room and asked, “God, what do You want to do about it?” He said, “I want you to ascend and engage them on their turf.” I began to worship the Lord so the heavens would be opened. I commanded the heavens to open up so I could go up easily. I made decrees that we have dominion because of Jesus over the strongman that is over witchcraft. After the way was prepared, I laid down and said, “OK, Lord – You told me to go up, so now take me there!” Suddenly I was there so quickly that my physical body jerked up off the bed.

I hate to leave you in suspense, but I’m out of space again, I will have to tell you the results of my time ascended next week!

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