Revelation of Dunamis Power!

Hi Katie,

Praise to our Lord Jesus Christ!

My testimony is about the activation of the power of the resurrection of Christ in me. I remember when I watched you preach about it I had just read the verse that the power of the resurrection of Christ is within us. I was still meditating on it with so much amazement,(I just couldn’t believe we possess that kind of power as believers) but I was struggling to understand how it is in me. So in the sermon, you explained and in the end, you prayed for activation. Nothing happened then but I remember you said something like it can even feel like something roaring like a cement mixture (for lack of better words) within us. That night when I went to bed I found you on YouTube and repeated the prayer. Then I started praying in tongues and I can’t explain what happened that night. I felt the tangible power of God completely take over my soul. My diaphragm would rise and fall as it roared within me, my tongue completely took a new dimension from that day onwards. I spoke in more tongues, I felt like I got unstuck. This started last year and it hasn’t changed. I still experience the same power when I pray in tongues. I feel it like electric energy going through me. I have prayed and sometimes the power takes over my physical limbs, I pull down strongholds and tie them. Literally with my hands and not with my human power. I get the understanding in the spirit of what those actions mean. I have experienced and keep experiencing the best part of my prayer life when I pray in tongues. The power of the resurrection of Jesus Christ completely takes over!!

God bless you for sharing what He blesses you with.

Yours faithfully,



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