Remember my Name

Many years ago I attended a meeting in Pagosa springs where they taught on the angelic realm.  I went up and raised my hands to receive, my eyes were closed and I was just praising the Lord when I felt something grab hold of my wrists and said, “my name is Josheba, remember my name, I am a commander of a legion of angels and I am assigned to back with you to Tucson.”.

My husband was driving to the airport to pick me up and he told me, “when I was driving in I saw in the clouds this big angel over Tucson”. Then I told him what happened to me in the meeting and we figured out that the time he saw the angel was the same time my plane was circling to land. 😊

I backslid for a number of years but then found my way back to the Lord 😊 in January this year I found out I have stage 4cancer. The Lord told me I was going to get an onion healing, one layer at a time. Your teachings on soul healing have been instrumental in part of my healing, thank you!!

I ordered The Serpent and the Soul CDs and God gave me a dream that me, my mom and my grandmother were looking for this snake that had gotten in my grandmother’s kitchen. I found it hiding behind the trash. And then I woke up and realized my grandmother had died of cancer and then I looked up the meaning of trash that it had been hiding behind and some of the meanings are, something in a broken condition or mass (like the mass of a cancer tumor?), To vandalize, destroy, attack, assault, ruin, spoil…so I took authority over that snake and cancer from my ancestors. Amen! Thank you so much for your teachings they are a huge revelation and blessing! R.D. ❤️

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