Quitting Addictions

Lesson 7

You’ve got to understand how important it is to get rid of your idols. You think it’s no big deal that you go and spend your money on a bunch of shoes. Are you actually sick in your body while you are spending that money? Are you broke, and not walking in favor? Examine your life and see the connection between what your soul is hungering and lusting after, and the failures that you’re experiencing right now, and get rid of those things by becoming healed by dunamis!

Let’s activate into some healing right now. Put your hand on your belly, and say, “Lord, I repent for my idolatry. I ask that you would take the lust out of my soul, that I have for any idol that’s in my life. I believe that I can be healed, even right now, of all of my idols. So, I release dunamis power from my spirit man, into my soul. I decree that I’m being healed of every hunger, unholy passion, perversion, or unholy desire that I have for any idols in my life. I am what dunamis means; I am excellent of soul. I am excellent in my mind. I am excellent in my will. I’m excellent in my emotions. I decree, I am excellent of soul. I believe I’m being healed even as I speak. I thank you God that all the idols in my life are going to be destroyed because of the power of dunamis that’s in me. In Jesus’ name, amen.”

By the way, do you know what Hezekiah was going to die of? It was a big boil! How can that be? I looked up the word boil and it means “the botch”. He had a severe case of the botch. It makes your legs and feet swell, and it almost kills you. But then, he got healed!

My botch came from lust for money and power. Where did Hezekiah’s botch come from? I think it came from money too. His father, Ahaz, was an idolater that filled Jerusalem with idols, and he robbed the Temple when he was in a war with the King of Syria. He gave that money to the King of Assyria, to help him defeat the King of Syria. The King of Assyria took the money, but did not help Ahaz. Then, Ahaz’s son Hezekiah ended up doing the same thing.

Are you repeating the behavior of your parents or grandparents? Hezekiah was a good king. I don’t think he wanted to rob the temple, but he did it because the sin of his father, Ahaz, was in his soul. It had been passed down to him.

God told Hezekiah, “Behold, I will turn the shadow [denoting the time of day] on the steps or degrees, which has gone down on the steps or sundial of Ahaz, backward ten steps or degrees. And the sunlight turned back ten steps on the steps on which it had gone down.” Isaiah 38:8 (AMPC)
There were a lot of sundials in Jerusalem, but the miracle happened on the sundial of Ahaz because Ahaz was Hezekiah’s father! God was saying, “I’m going back in your bloodline, and I’m wiping out everything that your family line did that’s allowing this attack, today.”

Some of the idolatry you have, was passed down to you by your family. You’re repeating patterns that they had. You’re worshiping things that they worshipped. You’re going after idols that they had, but God will go back 10 steps on the sundial of your Aunt Jessie or your Uncle Fred, and cause you to be healed and have a miracle.

Let’s pray this together, “Father, in the name of Jesus, we decree that you’re going to do a cosmic-level miracle. You’re going to go back 10 steps on the sundial of every single ancestor, and you’re going to cause me to be healed of all the idolatry in my bloodline. I’m going to be completely clean of every tree, log, obelisk, and statue. I will be free of every demon that is attached to any idol in my soul. God is going wipe it all out, in name of Jesus, and I’ll be like Hezekiah. I will have total defeat over all my enemies – total victory over everything and everyone that is coming against me. I’m going to be prosperous and have an extended, healthy life, in Jesus’ name.”

Look, I’ve been fighting idolatry for years, but have finally won. I have no food, car, money, or possession addictions. I don’t lust after any of that stuff anymore. And now, because I don’t lust after any of that stuff, I have all of that stuff! I have a beautiful home, and a car that I don’t have to look back in my rear-view mirror to see if the cop is behind me because I stole it. I’m a wealthy woman, and I give away money just as fast as I get it. I love giving away money! And that’s what is going to happen for you!

Next time, we will go through two steps in order to get rid of these things. I fought for years only doing one step. You will want to hear what those two steps are. Talk with you later!

Big Love,

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  • Jannette Anderson

    This is the very topic I had with myself this morning. What’s going on that this weight will not change? Obesity and addiction to food is in my blood line, I’m believing God is moving now to bring me out of Egypt to be free.

  • Bert Smith

    Thanks Katie , I needed that , God Bless.

  • Janna

    Thank you Katie for this activation. I have been working on getting rid of the idols on my life and yes some if not all are from the generations before me.I am so grateful for your teachings. God bless you.

  • Angel Guzman

    This was Awesome again, thank you Holy Spirit & Katie!

  • Alex mukamba Akende

    The spirit of truth just worked on me now. I’m happy that all idols in my family lineage have been dealt with. Amen

  • Judy Misc Sills

    Here it is 6:30am , and i wake up to wat you had to say today, now how AWSOME is that!!!!!!!!!, I had a dream last night, that I went back in space and time last night ,I had an axe in my hand, my hands went way above my head to chop this root, then from the ceiling of this kinda of dark place i was at, poured down silver dollars and and lots of paper money, I pulled the root up all the way back to the garden and released Dunamis to burn it up, then used my faith like you did with the diamond and brought it back into the realm where I live. WOW All I CAN DO IS THINK ABOUT WAT HAPPENED, Katie is there there anything you can tell me about this?

  • Lawson

    Amen & Amen! Grateful for the activation #Shalom

  • Sequent Bodine

    Hi Katie, I’m seeking help my son has been in and out of prison for 21 years he’ll be out in a year, and he is going through all the signs of absolute fear he went back to herion and is off now, but the idea of come’n out is scary don’t you have a place or books to help him during this time?
    if you could help me to help him his name is Levi Bodine (127410)

  • Jeff Pitkin

    My sister forwarded this to me in the night last night. I believe it is TIME for me. My life is a total mess right now and it seems that everything I touch or do (at work or at home) is just a disaster! My addictions have grown into monsters and as I type this I am just shaking!!! I need healing!!! I need healing!!! Please Jesus heal my bloodlines! Thank you for your ministry and please keep it up! Sincerely,

  • Caroline Ozor

    Thank you Jesus for setting me free from poverty and thank you Katie for letting God use you

  • Ethel M. Sampey

    i was blessed again with faith

  • Michal Romero

    Good morning Katie, it’s 12:30 Feb 8th,19. I had to get this lesson in . Thank You so much. Your such a blessing. I agree, I love giving money away too. When I get gainful income, I want to become a partner with you. Maybe you can pray for me about that. I’m in between jobs right now. I’m looking for God to do a New Thing in my life. Thanks again Katie. Can hardly wait for next time !!!

  • Laura Pasion-Caiani

    Thanking Daddy God for you Katie. By God’s Grace it will not take me years to get rid of my idols of food, travel (more for fun then sharing the good news), pack rat, and buying stuff.
    I activated Dunamis power. I declare and decree I am excellent of soul prospering in every way and continually enjoying good health.

  • Catherine Ragonese

    I believe I am free!!! whom the SON sets free is free indeed! Thank you Jesus and thank you Katie for your obedience to HIS High calling on your life that has impacted so many inmates including my son!

  • Cynthia Burdge

    So good !! A couple of weeks ago (after doing so well) I fell to drinking wine again. Something always bad happens because I open that door :(. So as I ask Holy Spirit why do I so easily fall …I hear you have idols in ur soul and generational curses come back when I give in to the temptation ….. Then I receive this blog !! Pretty cool. So grateful for the activation prayers. Shalom Katie and your prayer warriors!! C

  • Pamela Blunt

    so helpful and powerful, Katie. Thank you and bless you for sharing your knowledge of our heavenly Father.

  • Ms. Kym Johnson

    Thank you Katie,
    To be perfectly honest I was counting my pills can I get cocaine I’ve had six surgeries and I have $7 in my pocket. I was trying to figure out a way that I could sell those to have some extra money this month. I had told the Lord that I wouldn’t sell my medicine anymore.
    And it looks like since I told him that I’m back in the same situation I’m broke. I started to count the medicine walked away started to do some other things looked at my email and began to read yours. Thank you thank you I believe that I am healed my mother sold drugs that’s what I’m doing because I don’t have enough money I’m on disability. I am a tithe payer

  • Molins

    Glory to Jesus.
    God bless you.

  • Allen

    Thank you Katie. I love your teachings. I always look forward to watching youbon Faith TV. I live in Uganda.


  • Joy Potaka - England

    Hi Katie I’ve battled with my weight all my life and gave up hope of ever being free from the fridge. I’ve read your blog about turning back the sundial on this addiction. Most of the woman on my Dads side of the family were overweight and obese causing all sorts of health problems. So I’ve taken up the prayer to set myself free and I’m so going to share this blog to others. Bless you Katie and your Team for your obedience and sharing Gods love to hope to others….Joy

  • Beth Rogers

    You visited me while I was in prison with your books as well as in person. I received healing in my body and mind. Since then the enemy has tried to creep back in but PRAISE GOD FOR THE DUNAMUS POWER THAT I HAVE…your ministry is amazing your entire staff and crew. I love yall so much. Please keep me and my family in your prayers. God has brought me out of addiction. I go to church and celebrate recovery and I am so blessed, even when I have bad days I’m blessed. Love you!!!