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In this combo Katie Souza brings a fresh, new revelation to expose the hidden blocks in our lives. The Bible says we are given power to trample on serpents and nothing will harm us! 1 Disc Fire Soak - Since Katie began teaching about demonic serpents she has gotten many new revelations. In the process, she decided to develop a new soaking disc, incorporating the most potent fire scriptures with snake-trampling decrees. As you soak to this disc, it will facilitate the healing of your soul of anything you have in common with these serpents and drive them out of their hiding places! Psalmist Janie Duvall created special healing and deliverance music to back up these powerful scriptures. Music by Janie DuVall Katie Says “I often play this CD on a continuous loop all night long so that my room will be filled with the fiery presence of God! Many nights I have been totally healed of a snake attack, just by soaking in this powerful health-giving resource! I recommend you put it on continuous play and sleep to it too. Remember, God’s Word never returns void. Since God has given me this revelation I’ve seen miracles break out everywhere I go and entire congregations emerge from bondage.” Brand New Teaching and Soaking Disc on Communion! The sacraments contain soul-healing power and are able to defeat demonic assaults. Did you know Paul took communion before being shipwrecked on the Isle of Malta? In this teaching, Katie shows how his simple act of obedience protected him from a lethal snakebite! She also demonstrates that the communion bread of today was the manna that sustained the Israelites during their time in the desert. When the trials of their journey caused their souls to become wounded and discouraged they complained and were bitten and killed by poisonous vipers. God provided them with the privilege to take communion in the desert so they could be healed of the wounds in their inner man and remain safe from deadly serpents. In this 1 CD Teaching and 1 Soaking CD set Katie personally guides you through the taking of communion so you can be healed and delivered of every affliction in your life, including those connected to demonic serpents.  Music by Music by Janie DuVall

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