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Soul Decrees: The principles within these pages changed my life. I believe with all my heart they will change yours, too. I offer this book with my fervent prayer that it will bring healing to your soul and enable you to begin living in daily victory. Inside, you will find scriptures you can read and decree daily and those scriptures will bring massive, supernatural might and miracles into your life. You will release an in-flowing of healing power into your body and soul which will bring about restoration of relationships, supernatural health, financial prosperity and victory in every area of your life. From my own experience, I can tell you that the authority of God’s Word will establish your victory and bring healing to every issue you face. I wrote this to give you powerful decrees that, when spoken, will establish healing in your body, your marriage, your family, your business and every part of your existence! Soaking Symphony: As people have soaked in God’s presence while listing to this music, I have seen Him perform all kinds of miracles. Track nine includes singing in a heavenly language. When linguistic experts heard my speaking in tongues, they said it was an ancient form of French. Over the years many people understood what I was saying to them as I spoke in various languages I had never learned. God is amazing! My prayer is that as you wait (soak) in Yeshua’s presence, you will be changed see your circumstances change and hear God’s voice more clearly! Janie DuVall Janie DuVall is a composer and teacher on the supernatural power of soaking music. She was the program producer and music composer for Sid Roth’s “It’s Supernatural!” television program, a position she held for 23 years.

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