Everyone has a problem or affliction that just won’t seem to go away, no matter how much we repent, pray, rebuke, fast and decree. All of us probably know someone who may have struggled with the same issues for years, maybe even decades! Once again, Katie Souza brings a fresh, new revelation to expose the hidden blocks in our lives.  The teaching herein was released to Katie when she felt led to help a friend with Parkinson’s disease, which according to science, comes from the basal ganglia, also known as the Reptile brain. The bible says we are given power to trample on serpents and nothing will harm us! In this teaching, you will learn how to be healed and delivered of Leviathan, Python, the deaf-adder spirit, the religious brood-of-vipers spirit and an assortment of other serpents that are causing diseases like Parkinson’s, and cancer, as well as infertility and addictions of every kind! The Companion Soaking CD is a must have! Music by Janie DuVall As Acts 28 records, the Apostle Paul was shipwrecked on the island of Malta. While on the beach, he gathered a bundle of sticks to fuel a fire, unaware there was a poisonous viper hiding inside. When he threw the bundle on the flames, the fire drove the snake out of its hiding place! People everywhere are carrying around demonic serpents and they don't even know! But, just as the fire drove the snake out of hiding, the same Holy-Ghost fire will drive out serpents that are vexing your soul and making you sick. The unquenchable fire of Jesus Christ burns up the chaff in your inner man, setting you free from bondage while consuming the enemy. “I recommend you put it on continuous play and sleep to it too. Remember, God’s Word never returns void. Since God has given me this revelation I’ve seen miracles break out everywhere I go and entire congregations emerge from bondage.” Katie Souza

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