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Katie speaks the scriptures that are expounded upon in Bent 1 - Slaying the Giants in Your Soul to create a one-of-a-kind deliverance tool that will cause: • God’s angelic army to go forth to slay every enemy. • The release of Dunamis power to heal character bents and enable you to make supernatural choices. • You to walk in the fruit of the Spirit; your personality to be positive, pleasant, loving, kind, giving, thankful and patient. • Your generational bloodline will be cleansed. • You to walk in power and authority over every giant spirit. • You to not be under the rule of the end time spirits that are unleashed on the earth. • You to walk in the healing power of worship as David did. • The atmosphere around you to be changed. • You to heal others that are being assaulted by the giants. These powerful scriptures have been paired with special music composed by Janie DuVall specifically for this revelation.

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