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How Does Partner Mentoring Work? 

STEP ONE: Decide if partner mentoring is the right fit for you. PRAY AND ASK HOLY SPIRIT. If so led, upon sign up, you’ll offer your first monthly gift of $11.11(Sapphire Status), $33.33 (Ruby Status), or $77.77 (Diamond Status).

STEP TWO:  After donating, you will receive immediate access to our online Partner Mentoring portal as well as our private Partner Mentoring Facebook group. Watch for your email with step-by-step instructions.

Once inside the Facebook group, you’ll be greeted by Katie, Members of her team, and other Partner Mentorees. 

STEP THREE: Get acquainted with the schedule, set up your student account to take quizzes, download soakers, and become a beloved member of the community! 

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