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This book is a must have for anyone serious about living a full prosperous life and getting their soul healed! A pure gold mine! Katie has compiled a chronology of all that she has learned about the incredible soul-healing power of God.  She gives many examples that she has personally witnessed of healings and lives being changed when people received healing in their souls. This soul-healing revelation came from Katie’s simple question to God, “If Your word is true and You promise we are to live full prosperous and healthy lives, why are so many of us sick, unhappy and incomplete?” Put another way, “Why does the promise in 3 John 1:2 seem out of reach? Is there something we are doing to block the power of God to redeem and heal us?”  Have you ever asked these questions yourself?  This book tells of Katie’s journey and quest for answers to this very question.  Let God build your faith with each revelation on soul healing and allow yourself to experience the miracles that God performs to confirm His Word! FOR EVERY ONE BOOK THAT IS ORDERED WE ARE ABLE TO SEND ONE BOOK TO AN INMATE ABSOLUTELY FREE!

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