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In this set, you will learn that the Bible speaks on the fabric of Space-time, which NASA scientists have now proved exists. You will learn that this fabric divides the temporal realm we live in from eternity, and how Jesus ripped this fabric, which gives you access to eternity and the ability to travel to any place in time and space where diseases, curses, and disorders came upon your family line. This revolutionary teaching will put a turbo accelerator on your ability to get healed and delivered, and it will position you to receive your breakthrough! 'Soul Soaking In The Midst' In this set, you will encounter the presence of the Lord, as He takes you back through time and space to the places in your family line where sickness, disease, and lack came upon you. You will be healed and changed at the root of every issue. Get ready for accelerated breakthrough as you go-In The Midst!

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