Provision and Transition

I watched your video from 2015 Releasing The 1000 fold Blessing. Katie is talking about the number 11 seeing it everywhere. The Lord kept bringing the numbers 2 and 11 before me beginning the summer of 2016. To this day I and my family members are still seeing or hearing these numbers.
My husband of 27 plus years was on his last days suffering with cancer. These numbers were so evident in front of me I knew it had to be God speaking. I kept asking Him to tell me what He was trying to get me to understand.
I had taken a course by John Paul Jackson on dream interpretation so I went back to my workbook and found that 2 is provision and 11 is transition. I thought I understood and did not want to speak it out so I didn’t mention it except to my closest friends. My husband passed away on 11-2 at 11:22 PM. I transported his body out of state so his funeral was held on the only day available. On 11-11 at 11 AM. It happened to be on Veteran’s Day. Twenty years prior he had picked out his own coffin. It was a Veterans military coffin.
I have continued to see these numbers so much and lots of times in triple. When I see them my response is “well, of course. Thank you Lord, for provision and transition.” Many many transitions happening now in my world. The Lord continues to make provision but I am waiting for the 1000 fold to manifest. For such a time as this.
Thank you ,
Marjorie Sciortino

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