Prophecy Fulfilled

Prophecy Fulfilled
(written while Katie was incarcerated in 2001)
by Katie Souza

“Dear friends, keep building on the foundation of your most holy faith, as the Holy Spirit helps you to pray.”  Jude 20 (CEV)  

Last night when praying for sister Agnes, I got “Now!” Now what, Lord?  This happened during Tuesday’s 12:30 PM prayer meeting.  I was listening to petitions on the right side of the room when someone started talking on the left side, so I turned my head to listen. As I did, my eyes saw a woman who was looking at me.  Her expression changed and I looked past her.  I could see that she thought I was giving her a dirty look.  I wasn’t giving her a dirty look, so I looked back at her and smiled.  When she saw that, she smiled back with obvious relief.

This showed me that often we unintentionally mislead people with a simple look, and the enemy uses this as a reproach to keep their minds spinning.  She would have tripped on that the rest of the prayer meeting, thus taking her mind off of prayer.  This backs up my Bible study.  As He sheds abroad in us, we give His love out to others. I was listening to sister Inez pray for a lady who was sitting next to me; I felt compelled to reach over and touch her.  Sister Constance was on the other side of her and she reached over and laid her hand on her as well. I instantly felt an electric shock on my rib cage and arms, like I was touching an exposed electrical wire and was receiving a slight shock, but it lasted for 15-30 seconds.  I had the feeling that her kidneys were being healed.  She also had another prayer request for her children.  Sister Constance said she had a feeling they were fine.  Just before this happened, I was touching my hand and thanking the Father for healing me of the cyst and asking Him to stir up the healing gift in me!

Later, I thought about laying hands-on mom. I need to do it when God says, not just at any time. It won’t work otherwise.  I keep thinking about the electricity that was dancing across my ribs and middle.

I have been enjoying Henry Blackwell on the radio on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

“Be helpful to all who may have doubts…” Jude 1:22 (CEV)

Last night, September 25th, as I was going to sleep, I was asking the Father to give me something to show me that I was in His will when I told people I would be home before or by Thanksgiving.  I said, “God, you could tell me the number of days or weeks.”  I was just thinking about how to cook potato soup for mom when I started to pray. “God could calculate that. No problem,” I thought. Suddenly, I got the number 57.  At first, I thought, “That was me.” Then I figured I better check.  So, I started with the 26th, since it was 11:30 PM at night, and the answer was 57 days to November 21st, one day before Thanksgiving! I would have to be home then in order to cook and eat Thanksgiving the next day!!  If I got home on the 22nd, I would have no time to cook and eat. Wow, God did that calculation quickly!

I attended a prayer meeting at 12:30 PM.  Later, I met with Agnes at 7:30 PM after 6:00 PM Bible study.  My prayer now is that I learn how to discern God in the “yes” and “no” answers in my head.  So, a test happened in typing. I asked the Father if I should go talk to sister Dana to see if she needed me to do Bible study.  I got “no” but I went anyway, and the answer was no! Last night, I asked to get a confirmation in the Word about 51 and the whole situation. Henry Blackaby said to get confirmation from the Word of God, from Holy Spirit, and from others in the church. They should line up, then you are in God’s will. This is what happened yesterday:

Tessa said to me and some others, “Katie has more faith than anyone on this campus; she has big faith!” I had been worried about telling everyone about what God gave me because a lot of people just don’t understand. I felt like Jeremiah who had a fire in his bones. He just had to speak out the Word the Lord gave him. So, last night after talking to Hulda and some other people about this, I went to the Bible. I prayed first, then opened it right to Jeremiah 20! Fire in Jeremiah’s bones! The first words I read were, “for to you I have committed my cause”. The scripture even describes how people reacted to my story today. “Everybody mocks me, I am ridiculed all day long… The word of the Lord has brought me insult and reproach all day long” – reproach that’s like David’s big brother, who tried to distract him from his mission with Goliath; his brother tried to make his faith falter just like Kim and Rochelle did to me. They lack faith, so they come using reproach to try to get me to shut my mouth and not proclaim what God did for me. But, I am like Jeremiah.

The next book I opened to was Amos 3:7 (NIV), “Surely the Sovereign Lord does nothing without revealing his plan to his servants the prophets.” Then I opened to Matthew 8:10 (NIV) and the very first thing my eye fell on was, “I tell you the truth, I have not found anyone in Israel with such great faith…” Then my eye fell upon, “Go, it will be done just as you believed it would.” Matthew 8:13 (NIV) Just like Tessa said!

On Saturday morning, I prayed that the Lord would get me ready to be able to serve mom with total awareness of her needs. To be available for her, to have a special awareness of her deepest most detailed needs-then give me the strength to carry that out. I felt different when I prayed it (another confirmation) like I was supposed to pray that because I will need it because I am going to be there.

Has anyone prophesied a Word over or for you in the past? How did you go about confirming the accuracy of that Word? Did it eventually come to pass like the Words I received did?

If so, write to us and tell us how that happened. We want to hear from you.

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