Victory in Trials The Soak


Have you ever found yourself lusting after something or someone that you shouldn’t have? Are you obsessed with thinking about it? Did you know that when you make anything into an idol, it can cause you to be attacked by demonic spirits, which wreak havoc in every area of your life?

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In this 2 disc soak you will learn:

• That worship breaks off idols in your life and opens the windows of heaven.
• How to discern the idols in your soul that are destroying your life.
• To scripturally identify idols that are attached to your soul.
• How idols are trying to stop you from operating in your supernatural gifts.
• What will prevent you from running to an idol to try to make God’s promises manifest in your life.
• How idols cause sickness and disease and even rob you of financial increase.
• How to enter the courts of Heaven to get rid of an idol that has been depriving you of your legal rights.
• That taking communion when you are in the courts of heaven will break the hold that idols have over you.
• How to ensure that the prophetic words spoken over you will come to pass.
• That it is not necessary to know the name of every idol in your life.
• How to remove the strongman (his name is revealed in Scripture) over idols for quick breakthrough.

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