Soul Soaking In The Midst

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Companion soaking CD for Katie’s cutting edge teaching, In The Midst: Traveling through Space and Time.

In this soul-soaking two-CD set, Katie combines decrees and scripture reading with the anointed music ministry of Janie DuVal.  Enter in and encounter the presence of the Lord as He guides us back through time and space to the places in our family lines where sickness, disease, and lack first came upon them.  Get ready for an accelerated breakthrough as you go In the Midst! For MP3 Albums Use Format Selection Dropdown


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CD one ushers in the presence of the Lord as Katie decrees scriptures and prayers leading you into the midst.  CD two allows for unparalleled freedom in your journey with no words spoken and accompanied by the sanctified orchestration of Janie DuVall.  
Size Small, Medium & Large
Color Pink & White
Waist 26 cm
Length 40 cm
Chest 33 inches
Fabric Cotton, Silk & Synthetic
Warranty 3 Months
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