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Soul Crossing Taking Your Promised Land Audio Series


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When the Ark of the Covenant, which is truly Jesus Christ, crossed the Jordan before the Israelites, there was so much power released that everyone was healed of every wound in their bloodline, all the way back to Adam! Have you been waiting faithfully to be ushered into your Promised Land? This deep study of Joshua 3 shows that we must get our souls healed in order to take possession of our inheritance! Anointed musician, Janie DuVall produced the soundtrack filled with sound effects, making you feel you are there with Joshua and the Israelites as they cross into their inheritance.

There are many secrets contained in Joshua 3 and Katie reveals them to us. Perhaps you have read Joshua 3 many times over, but be assured, this teaching and soaking activation will shed new light on this amazing scripture. Katie creates one of her most powerful soaks ever, based on this amazing story. There are enemies squatting in your Promised Land, preventing you from taking it. As you receive healing through this powerful revelation, you will pass clean over the Jordan, and take possession of your promise land flowing with milk and honey.