Live Free Escaping Bitterness of Soul

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For years Katie struggled with bitterness.  She was tired of the effects of this poisonous character trait.  God gave Katie a vision revealing how she had been drinking in bitterness for years and how to get rid of it!  According to the Bible, bitterness of soul can cause you to die before God’s appointed time. Let Katie lead you to healing from this affliction!  For MP3 Albums Use Format Selection Dropdown


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This two-CD set is full of soul healing activations that will cause you to want to listen to it repeatedly. Experience a new level of breakthrough with each occurrence!  As Katie shares multiple scriptures, get ready to write down all the biblical references she delivers so you can decree them– after hearing this, you won’t read them the same way ever again.
Size Small, Medium & Large
Color Pink & White
Waist 26 cm
Length 40 cm
Chest 33 inches
Fabric Cotton, Silk & Synthetic
Warranty 3 Months
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