Kingdom Of The Son

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Idols, idols everywhere! We make so many things into idols…sex, drugs, and rock and roll are only the tip of the iceberg! God is a jealous God and He detests idols of every kind. Learn how to recognize when you have made something into an idol and what to do to get that image burned out of your soul! This teaching contains an amazing soaking portion where Katie speaks over you for more than hour with scriptures and repentance decrees. This teaching will jump-start your healing journey! For MP3 Albums Use Format Selection Dropdown


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This foundational teaching explains how the numerous idols we intentionally or even unintentionally have set up in our soul, affect our health, finances, and every area of our lives. Katie uses scripture to explain what happened to people in the bible, like King Hezekiah, when they looked to anything but God for provision and protection.

In this teaching:

• Your eyes will be opened to how many idols we actually have in our souls that are destroying our lives. Idols can be food, money, our children, and anything that is keeping our focus on it instead of God as our source and comfort.

• Katie shows you scripturally how idols attach to your soul and how they are trying to stop you from operating in your supernatural gifts. Getting healed of these idols is one of the biggest ways to walk in the supernatural.

• Learn how idols cause sickness and disease and even rob you of financial increase.

• Katie gives you the keys to healing your mind, body, and relationships, including a teaching on how communion heals idols in your soul.

• You will learn steps to ensuring all of your prophetic words come to pass and that as the idols are removed from your soul, your finances will shift, causing the enemy to stop devouring your treasuries.

• You will learn that it is not necessary to know the name of every idol in your life, but how to remove the strongman (his name is revealed in Scripture) over them all so that you can get fast, easy breakthrough.

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